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DGCRDisc Golf Course Review
DGCRDiGeorge Syndrome Critical Region
DGCRDigeorge Syndrome Chromosome Region
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In the May magazine sent to members of DGCR, a mention was made about recruiting a general manager for the charity.
In the TCGA data, downregulated mRNA expression levels of each component were observed (Dicer, 27 of 31; DGCR, 23 of 31; AGO2, 23 of 31; Figure 2).
Examples of primary immunodeficiency diseases, by affected component of the immune system Designation Gene Genetic locus Antibody deficiencies X-linked agammaglobu- BTK Xg21.3-q22 linemia (XLA) Common variable Unknown immunodeficiency (CVID) ICOS deficiency ICOS 2q33 Immunoglobulin A (IgA) IGAD1 6p21.3 deficiency Hyper-IgM syndrome AID 12p13 type 2 (AID deficiency) (AICDA) Hyper-IgM syndrome CD40 20p12-q13.2 type 3 Cellular deficiencies DiGeorge syndrome DGCR 22q11.2 Interferon gamma IFNGR1 6q23-q24 receptor deficiency IFNGR2 21q22.1-q22.2 IL-12 receptor deficiency IL12B 5q31.1-q33.1 IL12RB1 19p13.1 Combined B- and T-cell deficiencies T-negative, B-positive--severe combined immunodeficiencv (SCID): T cells are missina.