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DGDDifferential Group Delay (Bellcore)
DGDDance Gavin Dance (band)
DGDDeutsche Gesellschaft für Dokumentation (Germany)
DGDDirection Générale des Douanes (French)
DGDDrop Dead Gorgeous
DGDDecision Guidance Document
DGDDeclaration for Dangerous Goods
DGDDesenho e Geometria Descritiva
DGDDiesel Geared Drive
DGDDwarf Gourami Disease (fish)
DGDDon't Get Dead (web comic)
DGDDeputy of General Director
DGDDanny Get Down (band)
DGDDangerous Goods Declaration (shipping)
DGDDual Gradient Drilling (oil engineering)
DGDDécompte Général et Définitif (French: General and Final Count)
DGDDirecteur Général Délégué (French: Chief Operating Officer)
DGDDotation Générale de Décentralisation (French: General Decentralization)
DGDDirection Générale de la Coopération au Développement (French: General Directorate for Development Cooperation; Belgium)
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The DGD generated in the optical fiber can be compensated for by creating an opposite DGD to the optical signal.
The downtime at our DGD Joint Venture allowed the facility to proceed with a planned expansion increasing the input feedstock capacity to 11,000 barrels per day following the resumption of operations on September 18, 2014.
The adjustment for the blender's tax credit represents the amount recorded during the three months ended December 31, 2014 that relates to volumes for the nine months ended September 30, 2014, and excludes amounts attributable to our non-controlling interest in DGD.
2 million, exclusive of the DGD Joint Venture, compared to first quarter 2013.
HERE are the lucky 25 pounds 1m numbers: BFM 398783, DGD 159945, DGD 719200, DGF 818051, DGF 851397, DGG 277361, DGG 310516, DGJ 075608, DGL 850456, DGM 623889, DGN 148733, DGQ 683415, DGR 032175, DGS 561280, DGT 361529, DGV 087857, DGW 119899, DGW 375730, DGW 560374, DGW 702339, DGX 248398, DHB 070846, DHB 749651, DHF 422620, DHG 263337.
These decreases were partially offset by the foreign exchange contract gain, earnings from Rothsay and TRS, higher raw material volumes, earnings from the DGD joint venture, and the tax benefit associated with the U.
000 autres agents qui seront recrutes pour les 79 postes de douane et de surveillance (PDS) que la DGD est en train de realiser dans le cadre de la mise en oeuvre de son plan de modernisation.
Hakim Berdjoudj, directeur des etudes a la DGD, a indique lors d'une reunion regroupant les douanes et les representants du patronat national qu'il y a [beaucoup moins que]une nouvelle mouture.
Demonstrates robustness and relevance of DGD accreditation in global markets
Les agrements ont ete remis aux operateurs economiques par le directeur general des douanes, Mohamed Abdou Bouderbala, au nom du ministre des Finances, lors d'une ceremonie organisee au siege de la DGD.
Cetero Research, the world's largest provider of early clinical and bioanalytical research services for the pharmaceutical industry, has enhanced their therapeutic research capabilities and expertise with the addition of DGD Research (formerly Diabetes & Glandular Disease Research Associates), a San Antonio, TX-based, contract research organization.
In June this year, DMCC made it a mandatory requirement for Dubai Good Delivery('DGD') refineries to implement all of the provisions of the DMCC Practical Guidance for Responsible Sourcing of Precious Metals, as a pre-requisite for DGD members to continue their membership.