DGEDirection Générale des Entreprises (French: General Directorate for Enterprise)
DGEDirection des Grandes Entreprises (French: Directorate of Grand Enterprises; various locations)
DGEDiesel Gallon Equivalent (fuel storage)
DGEDynamic General Equilibrium (economics)
DGEDirecteur Général des Élections (French: Chief Electoral Officer; Canada)
DGEDual Graphic Engine
DGEDiscrete Graphics Engine
DGEDynamic Gain Equalization
DGEDivision of Gaming Enforcement (New Jersey)
DGEDiccionario Griego-Español (Madrid, Spain)
DGEDelayed Gastric Emptying
DGEDigital Gene Expression
DGEDivision of Graduate Education (US NSF)
DGEDenis Gilman Entreprise (France)
DGEDoes God Exist?
DGEDynamic Gain Equalizer
DGEDepartment of Global Ecology (Carnegie Institution for Science; Stanford, CA)
DGEDiplomate, Geotechnical Engineering (certification)
DGEDirector General Environment (various nations)
DGEDominion Group Entertainment (Overland Park, KS)
DGEDesert Gold Exchange (Scottsdale, AZ)
DGEDigital Graphics Engine (Cestron Electronics, Inc.)
DGEDigital Ground Equipment
DGEDavid Geffen Entertainment
DGEDepartment of Graduate Education (NSA grant subdivision)
DGEDelayed Gadolinium Enhancement
DGEDove Game Engine (gaming software)
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Given its affordances in shaping mathematics education, the sole teacher education provider in Macau, University of Macau, has recently revised its curriculum to incorporate the use of DGEs into the pre-service and in-service courses.
According to Martin, the cost to produce it would range somewhere between 75 and 90 cents per DGE.
These two new projects with capacities of 36 and 20 MW respectively, part of large-scale solar projects in France - Crucey (60 MW) and Massangis (56 MW), - were acquired by DGE from EDF Energies Nouvelles (EDF EN), giving MC a 50% share in each project company.
DGE FCU is trying to serve the underserved, who have been the worst hit class by the economic crisis.
Continuando o modelo dos volumes anteriores, nomeadamente o VI, o presente trabalho e introdutoriamente apresentado e justificado, bem como tambem sao referidas as publicacoes e actividades directa ou indirectamente relacionadas com o DGE.
against the tax assessments, the DGE will consider it fairly and thoroughly,
Even the first two letters of ju dge, to form an opinion about whether something follows the law and is right, come from jus.
Our Tibetan text has dge slong ma'i dbyar mo khang and, in spite of even some very recent missteps, there is no doubt that it translates Sanskrit bhiksuni-varsaka, or that Sanskrit varsaka--with or without an accompanying bhiksuni--is in Mulasarvastivadin sources the most common term used for what we would call a nunnery or convent.
DGE now has just three staff but is ambitious to grow substantially.
So, should we begru dge successful managers,like the chief executive of Tesco similarly high rewards?
To help meet this goal, the Tox/Path team has designed a series of studies to elicit different responses within the liver to determine whether DGE can distinguish specific pathological processes.