DGEFPDélégation Générale à l'Emploi et à la Formation Professionnelle (French: General Delegation for Employment and Vocational Training; French Ministry of Economy, Industry and Employment)
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Each lot includes two services: a service (of a maximum of six weeks) support to employees, future retrenched, companies in receivership or liquidation, controlled exceptionally, at the request of DIRECCTE or DGEFP as part of Lot 1, in certain turnaround situations or corporate liquidation (the provision of support); a benefit (of up to 12 months or even 15 months under conditions laid down in the record of the consultation, hereinafter dce) accompanying economic licensees benefiting from a csp (hereinafter support service ).
Address : De la formation professionnelle et du dialogue social DGEFP delegation generale a l~emploi et a la formation professionnelle