DGEMDeutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährungsmedizin (German: German Society for Nutritional Medicine)
DGEMDistribution Générale Électrique et Maintenance (French: General Electric Distribution and Maintenance)
DGEMDynamic General Equilibrium Model (economics)
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The challenges may be overcome by employing DGEM in the laboratory as a method of generating reference hydrate saturations in the process of validating saturations generated by other methods as it is associated with the following advantages:
(1) DGEM is based on fundamental physics and chemistry;
Laboratory Testing of Artificial or Natural Hydrate-Bearing Specimens and Application of DGEM Method for Hydrate Saturation Estimation
The following explains the typical experimental procedure for hydrate-bearing soil with application of DGEM method.
It should be noted that methane-water binary system has been considered hereinafter for the presentation of DGEM for hydrate saturation estimation.
The sensitivity of the DGEM estimated hydrate saturation was investigated against the measurements during a typical test, estimates of volumetric properties, and assumptions associated with the DGEM method.
The application of DGEM in hydrate saturation estimation for hydrates formed in gas-rich environment assumes H-V equilibrium under pre-dissociation conditions.
The application of DGEM assumes Lw-V two phase equilibrium under the post-dissociation conditions.