DGENDistributed Generation
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(16) DGEN es una variable binaria que toma el valor de 1 si el jefe de familia es mujer y cero si es hombre.
En 1989, se fusionaron la DGCMPM y la DGEN dando origen a la Direccion General de Educacion Normal y Actualizacion del Magisterio (DGENAM), encargada de ofrecer los servicios de formacion, capacitacion y actualizacion del magisterio a nivel nacional.
The stock exchange has been one of the best performing markets in the world with the DGEN index climbing 400 per cent between 2007 and 2010.
The DGEN index rose by 80 per cent in 2010 but has lost 20 per cent in the last three weeks.
Andre Muffang, a graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique and chief engineer of the roads and bridges administration in Amiens, headed the CRI, while Henri Giraud, the director of public works for the city of Paris, ran the daily activities of the DGEN. After Giraud died in November 1942, Frederic Surleau took control of the DGEN.
Tenders are invited for Extension of 400kV Vadodara (GIS) Substation and 220kV Navsari (GIS) Substation under transmission system associated with DGEN TPS of Torrent Power, Extension of 765 kV Pune (GIS) Substation and 400kV Gwalior (GIS) Substation under POWERGRID works associated with system strengthening for IPPs in Chattisgarh and other generation projects in WR(DPR-3).
Since December 5, when the DGEN hit a record high of 8,918.51, it has lost 27.4 per cent.
Global exhibitors already confirmed for this year's event include Kornit, Siser, Dgen, Mimaki, Keundo, Asialink (for Anajet) and Synnex (for Roland).
Tenders are invited for Balance Erection work of 2 nos of feeder bays at 220KV Dahej s/s for 220kV connectivity & medium term open access to DGEN Dahej from our 220kV Dahej S/S
Combined with International High-Speed Digital Printing technology and Application Forum, the show attracted leading exhibitors such as, Reggiani, Chemtax Industrial Co.,Ltd., Dgen, Konica Minolta, Ichinose, Union International, Epson, Beijing Asia link Digital Technology Co.,Ltd, Dystar, Synnex Distributions (China) Ltd., Ms Adt Zhuhai Nano Digital Technology Co.,Ltd., DGI, Durst Phototechnik Ag, Kornit Design Digital Science and Technology Co.,Ltd.
The project is for a greenfield DGEN project at Dahej SEZ that will generate 1,200-MW gas-based combined cycle power projects.
Other sponsors include HP as Corporate sponsor, dgen as Digital Textile sponsor, Xaar as Global Technology partner and Esko as Software.