DGETDirection Générale des Études Technologiques (French: General Directorate of Technological Studies; Tunisia)
DGETDirectorate General of Employment and Training (India)
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The employment data (7) was compiled from the records maintained at the EMI section of DGET and is based on the ER-I return prescribed , which were received from the responding establishments for a period of eight years (1999 to 2008).
In Birmingham alone, where the youth service bus dget is set to be trimmed from pounds 5.8 million to less than pounds 3 million, 20 youth clubs are thought to be at risk.
The highlight of the workshop was a presentation by Anwar al Sketty, director of continuing education, DGET, Ministry of Health.
With the Ryder Cup on teh horizon, the layers here will be looking for one last chance to impress Nick Faldo an dget into the European team.
As we know the police service is run on a bu dget and faces cutbacks, not permitting officers to be where you want them, when you want them.
Moreover, Finland is fulfilling by a wide margin the requirement of the Stability and Growth Pact of a general government bu dget "close to balance or in surplus".
Bu dget officers from states where performance budgeting is legislated tended to feel more strongly about improvements in communication efficacy.
There are not many of the 1.8 models around (it was available to special order only) but they are very competent and a bu dget of between pounds 7,000 and pounds 10,000 should find a patient buyer a good example.
They are paid what Gifford describes as "liberal" match fees and the accent is very much on working to a playing bu dget. About pounds 50,000 a season in this case.