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DGFDirection Générale des Forêts (French: General Directorate of Forests; Algeria)
DGFDigital Group Forming
DGFDigital Gamma Finder
DGFDanmarks Gymnastik Forbund
DGFDelayed Graft Function
DGFDramatists Guild Fund (New York)
DGFDeutsche Gesellschaft Für Fettwissenschaft (German Society for Fat Science)
DGFDilworth-Glyndon-Felton (Minnesota school district)
DGFDominant Gain of Function
DGFDynamic Growth Fund (finance)
DGFDansk Geoteknisk Forening (Danish Geotechnical Society)
DGFDistributeur Grossiste de France (French: Wholesale Distributor in France)
DGFDissolved Gas Flotation (chemical process)
DGFDegrees Fahrenheit
DGFDecorative Gas Fire
DGFDyadic Green's Function
DGFDiscrete Green's Function
DGFDayGlo Fishermen (band)
DGFDestructive Guerrilla Force (band)
DGFDon't Get Forgotten (polite form)
DGFDavid G. Farragut High School (European US military high school)
DGFDeutsche Gesellschaft für Flaggenkunde eV (German Vexillological Association)
DGFDHL (Dalsey, Hillblom and Lynn) Global Forwarding (freight transportation service)
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In this regard, several predictive models for DGF have been developed within the last few years.
The DGF algorithm described above is refined by a quality control method using Gaussian filter and weight in order to reduce errors in the collection of raw data, and then the indoor position value is generated by Friis and triangulation.
DGF 2013: Diagnostic ecologique de l'arganeraie de Tindouf et proposition de classement en aire protegee.
DGF describes dysfunction of the kidney allograft immediately after transplantation, and is associated with an increased risk of premature graft failure and worsened residual graft function.
FDTD simulations on disjoint domains [24, 25] are an example of application which requires DGF to couple FDTD domains.
The DGF method has a significant potential to solve time domain EM problems.
The workshop will include scientific discussion on the following topics: (1) Pathophysiology and contributing factors to IRI; (2) Current management strategies and outcomes in patients with DGF; (3) Animal models in IRI and DGF; (4) Clinical trial issues related to the recipient in development of medical products for the management of DGF and related conditions in kidney transplantation.
This award represents all the hard work placed by the whole DGF team in the very short period we have been in the Kingdom," said Khalid Alkhudair, the head of marketing & communications at Deutsche Gulf Finance.
Other benefits include home insurance, that exempts the client from payment in case of death or disability, God forbid, as well as lump sum payments being allowed, which is exclusive at DGF.
HERE are the lucky 25 pounds 1m numbers: BFM 398783, DGD 159945, DGD 719200, DGF 818051, DGF 851397, DGG 277361, DGG 310516, DGJ 075608, DGL 850456, DGM 623889, DGN 148733, DGQ 683415, DGR 032175, DGS 561280, DGT 361529, DGV 087857, DGW 119899, DGW 375730, DGW 560374, DGW 702339, DGX 248398, DHB 070846, DHB 749651, DHF 422620, DHG 263337.