DGFBDeutsche Gesellschaft für Biophysik eV (German: German Society for Biophysics)
DGFBDeutsche Gesellschaft für Biomechanik eV (German: German Society for Biomechanics)
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(16) Prieto, dgfb, p 14, oficio 12 del gobernador Pedro Silva al intendente de Chiloe, fuerte Bulnes, 7 de mayo de 1844.
The contract is for the operation and administration of all servers the Directorate General for Manufacturing Banknotes (DGFB) and their databases with their mainly installed on the site of printing components (server on the site of Stationery) respecting a range of minimum coverage from 8:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday.
- Administration and daily operations of the DGFB servers, UNIX,