DGFCDeo Gloria Family Church (South Africa)
DGFCDirección General de Fondos Comunitarios (Spanish: General Directorate of Community Funds)
DGFCDictionnaire Généalogique des Familles Canadiennes (French: Genealogical Dictionary of Canadian Families; Canada)
DGFCDirection Générale de la Formation Continue (French: General Directorate of Continuing Education; Canada)
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The DGFC organised a function at the Dubai Creek Park on Wednesday morning to celebrate Mother's Day.
The ultimate goal of all fertility specialists and centres should be to achieve the healthy birth of a single baby to a healthy mother and certainly at DGFC that is our aim.
Over the last two years, the number of patients visiting DGFC has doubled, and new treatments and techniques developed.
Among her most important achievements has been getting the Canadian accreditation for DGFC, which is a first in the region.
Stress, says Dr Awatif Al Bahar, medical Director of the DGFC is among the several causes that lead to infertility in women.
Male factor problems, on the other hand, are also the most common causes of infertility among men in the UAE, said doctors from the DGFC, who were invited to the session.
In a statement issued on Monday, the Dubai Health Authority said that some fertilised eggs had been stored at DGFC for over 18 years, including for those patients who had either left the country or had changed their addresses.
DGFC, a government-run centre and one of the leading fertility establishments in the region, provided free treatment to more than a hundred couples since the launch of the Amal (Arabic for hope) initiative last year.
The DHA launched in January the Amal - meaning hope in Arabic - initiative to provide free fertility treatments for Emirati couples through the DGFC.
Speaking to Gulf News, Dr Awatif Al Bahar, medical director at DGFC and consultant in Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Endocrine Infertility, said several factors prevented Emirati couples from seeking fertility treatment.
Fatima Al Buhannad, director of DGFC, told Gulf News the centre was waiting for the new rules to take effect before changing how they operated.
To date, triplets are the biggest multiple births produced at DGFC.