DGFCDeo Gloria Family Church (South Africa)
DGFCDirección General de Fondos Comunitarios (Spanish: General Directorate of Community Funds)
DGFCDictionnaire Généalogique des Familles Canadiennes (French: Genealogical Dictionary of Canadian Families; Canada)
DGFCDirection Générale de la Formation Continue (French: General Directorate of Continuing Education; Canada)
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The ultimate goal of all fertility specialists and centres should be to achieve the healthy birth of a single baby to a healthy mother and certainly at DGFC that is our aim.
The DGFC organised a function at the Dubai Creek Park on Wednesday morning to celebrate Mother's Day.
He's a little gem and is all over the place as he has just started crawling," said the South African who also received treatment at DGFC.
Stress, says Dr Awatif Al Bahar, medical Director of the DGFC is among the several causes that lead to infertility in women.
Dr Samer Radi, senior embryologist and head of section at DGFC, told Gulf News the centre usually implanted two embryos and froze the rest.
The centre also offers sex selection but, DGFC only does this to prevent gender-related genetic diseases, such as haemophilia, and in some cases, to balance out the family, such as when a family has too many boys and wants a girl.
DGFC achieved an impressive 60 per cent clinical pregnancy rate in all its clients for the second quarter of this year.
360's spot advertising distribution business, DGFC will make an exchange offer for all outstanding shares of Point.
Over the last two years, the number of patients visiting DGFC has doubled, and new treatments and techniques developed.
She said the DGFC provides services such as embryo examination before transplantation in cases of repeated miscarriage or failure to conceive due to age and genetic disorders.
According to many contracts, in situ density (measured on cores) must be at least 95-97% of the laboratory density obtained, for example, through gyratory (100 gyrations for DGFCs or 50 gyrations for PEMs) or Marshall compaction (75 blows per face--DGFCs or 50 blows per face--PEMs).