DGFFDeutsche Gesellschaft für Flöte e.V. (German: German Flute Society)
DGFFDeutschen Gesellschaft Fuer Fremdsprachenforschung (German: German Society for Foreign Language Research)
DGFFDynamic Gain-Flattening Filter
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DGFF (Direccion General Forestal y de Fauna Silvestre) 2009 Shape sobre bosques de produccion permanente y concesiones forestales.
We thank the General Direction of Forestry and Wildlife (DGFF, now INRENA) of the Peruvian Ministry of Agriculture, and the administration of the Manu National Park, for permission to conduct the research in the Manu Biosphere Reserve.
Output 2: The institutions responsible for the management of renewable and non-renewable natural resources CAIA, SEAT, DGFF, CMB, and HRB SEPRH have a mechanism for intersectoral coordination and basic tools for better decision decisions.