DGFTDirectorate General of Foreign Trade (India)
DGFTDirector General of Fair Trading
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The BIR, partially crediting its "continuous negotiations with the Indian authorities," has announced that a new DGFT notice dated April 16, 2007, has extended the existing import policy for scrap materials until Sept.
Under the Gas Act 1986 [sections] 32, the DGFT cannot make a monopoly reference to the MMC under the Fair Trading Act in relation to the supply of gas to tariff customers.
The parties' submissions are seeking a decision from the DGFT to grant `negative clearance', which would indicate the agreements do not break competition law.
100) Upon the completion of the OFT's investigation, the DGFT made a final assessment that was then sent on to the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry.
For the other two situations, the DGFT and relevant DG must consult together the other before taking action; once one has acted, the other cannot do so.
This relaxation, however, is subject to a quantitative ceiling that will be periodically reviewed by the DGFT.
It provides Indian customs Harmonized system codes policy with policy conditions, codes ranging from year 2004 to the latest ones launched in 2010 and also provides amended ITC-HS codes from DGFT.
Following on from that, it proposed larger supermarket chains should have to seek the approval of the DGFT before being allowed to acquire or develop large new stores close to their existing stores.
They can apply to the DGFT for informal guidance on whether or not their restriction is likely to be granted exemption.
The new criteria would be reflected in two key changes: the current test for assessing mergers, which is based on the general public interest, would be replaced by a new competition-based test; and the independent OFT and CC, rather than the Secretary of State, would be responsible for taking decisions in the vast majority of cases (under the current merger regime, the OFT advises on whether a merger should be refe rred to the CC; in around 5 per cent of cases, there is a reference and the CC assesses whether a merger would be against the public interest but reports its conclusions, under cover of advice from the DGFT, to the Secretary of State, who may or may not act on them).
Taking all these factors into account, I have decided to prohibit this merger, and to ask the DGFT to seek undertakings from Ladbroke that, within a period of six months, they will divest the whole of Coral's UK betting business in a manner approved by the DGFT and which he considers will restore an industry structure which is conducive to the development of competition.
The only key undertaking still in place is the requirement by BSkyB to publish a wholesale rate card for its premium channels, the discount structure for which must be approved by the DGFT.