DGGDual Gate Generator
DGGDeutsche Geophysikalische Gesellschaft (German: German Geophysical Society)
DGGDeutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft (German record company)
DGGDeutschen Geologischen Gesellschaft (German: German Geological Society)
DGGDirectoraat Generaal Goederenvervoer (Directorate-General for Freight Transport; Netherlands)
DGGDiebels Gastronomie Gesellschaft (German catering company)
DGGDelay and Gate Generator
DGGDavid Glory Group Pty Ltd (Victoria, Australia)
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DGG, and topotactical reactions were responsible for growth of large particles and nonparticulate masses in the samples.
Spread across 100 acres, DGG showcases creative installations by 500 artists made of luminous recycled fabrics and 10 million (energy saving) LED lights.
In this paper we have analysed performances of image (colour image-fire) transmission over DGG channel as the function of FSO transmission parameters within its theoretic boundaries.
Ingrediente --Dieta-- DC DGG DGP Feno Tifton-85 18,0 18,0 18,0 Polpa citrica 35,5 29,5 28,5 Levedura de cana 14,0 14,0 14,0 Casca de soja 8,0 8,0 8,0 Farelo de girassol 24,0 15,0 24,0 Graos de girassol - 15,0 - Gordura protegida[R] - - 7,0 Mistura mineral (1) 0,5 0,5 0,5 Nutricional Materia seca (%) 90,1 90,2 90,3 Proteina bruta 19,4 18,1 18,7 Extrato etereo 2,6 6,4 7,1 Fibra em detergente neutro 49,3 51,4 51,2 Materia mineral 5,5 5,2 7,2 [R]Lacto-Plus; (1) Niveis de garantia por kg: 50g de P; 150g de Ca; 195g de Na; 20mg de Co; 190mg de Cu; 40mg de Iodo; 14500mg de Mn; 7mg de Se; 2000mg de Zn e 500mg de F; DC, dieta controle; DGG, dieta com graos de girassol; DGP, dieta com gordura protegida.
EU Comission, "Deteriorating Humanitarian Situation- Ethiopia (DGG ECHO, FEWSNET, UN, NDRMC, IOM ETT) (ECHO Daily Flash of 24 October 2017).
This is the time to explore the great outdoors - more so if there's one option plonked right in the centre of town: Dubai Garden Glow (DGG), the theme park that promises to get the glow back in your life.
Measurement specialist Agilent Technologies Inc (NYSE:A) on Wednesday named Lars Holmkvist as president of its Diagnostics and Genomics Group (DGG) and a senior vice president of the company with immediate effect.
Maersk Oil will mentor several PhD students at the university's Department of Geography and Geology (DGG) for up to half a year at a time.
HERE are the lucky 25 pounds 1m numbers: BFM 398783, DGD 159945, DGD 719200, DGF 818051, DGF 851397, DGG 277361, DGG 310516, DGJ 075608, DGL 850456, DGM 623889, DGN 148733, DGQ 683415, DGR 032175, DGS 561280, DGT 361529, DGV 087857, DGW 119899, DGW 375730, DGW 560374, DGW 702339, DGX 248398, DHB 070846, DHB 749651, DHF 422620, DHG 263337.