DGGDeutsche Geophysikalische Gesellschaft (German: German Geophysical Society)
DGGDeutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft (German record company)
DGGDeutschen Geologischen Gesellschaft (German: German Geological Society)
DGGDirectoraat Generaal Goederenvervoer (Directorate-General for Freight Transport; Netherlands)
DGGDelay and Gate Generator
DGGDavid Glory Group Pty Ltd (Victoria, Australia)
DGGDiebels Gastronomie Gesellschaft (German catering company)
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In this paper we have analysed performances of image (colour image-fire) transmission over DGG channel as the function of FSO transmission parameters within its theoretic boundaries.
427-Q-l, Jose Siurob al secretario de Gobernacion (Informe mensual de julio de 1928), Payo Obispo, Quintana Roo, 31 de julio de 1928; AGN, DGG, exp.
DGG chairman/ceo David Moffly said that "becoming a part of Jupitermedia is a logical next step for Dynamic Graphics .
His most recent recording is with Gil Shaham for DGG.
Martha Argerich, Deutsche Grammophon, 410 653-2, 1984; Vladimir Horowitz, CBS Records (Masterworks), MK 42409, 1962; Wilhelm Kempff, DGG 459 383-2, 1973.
1968, Musikalische Volkskunst Spaniens; Canciones Sefardies, DGG Archiv 198460.
2), mixtures of the two different clade A sequences (HA3-5 and the clam isolates) can be separated by DGG E.
90 Source: Oil Refineries, DGPC, DGO and DGG Crude Oil Processed by Refineries (Unit: Tonnes) (Unit: Tonnes of Oil Equivalent) 1994-95 1995-96 1996-97 1997-98 Attock Refinery 1,025,191 1,000,663 981,239 1,089,751 1,025,191 1,000,663 981,239 1,089,751 Pakistan Refinery 2,354,284 2,467,697 2,320,317 2,349,233 2,415,370 2,530,999 2,379,438 2,408,621 National Refinery 2,728,743 3,058,025 2,766,431 2,902,630 2,799,670 3,136,896 2,837,540 2,979,355 Dhodak Refinery [*] 60,185 111,942 100,318 102,907 60,185 111,942 100,318 102,907 TOTAL: 6,168,403 6,638,327 6,168,305 6,444,521 6,300,416 6,780,500 6,298,536 6,580,633 Annual Growth Rate (%) -6.
All in all, this is not an impressive release; go to Maria Joao Pires on DGG for really attuned performances.
La carrera de DGG fue imparable a raiz de convertirse en proveedora de las casas reales del Reino Unido y Espana, y a finales de esa decada se grabo, por primera vez, a una orquesta completa.
Entry to DGG is Dh60 with free entry for children below three years and for disabled guests.