DGGADeutschen Gesellschaft für Ganzheitliche Augenheilkunde (German: German Society for Holistic Ophthalmology)
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This is part of the presentation of the project "Genetic improvement of the national cattle ranching", which has been successfully carried out by the General Directorate of Livestock (DGGA), from the transfer of embryos.
The Director of the General Directorate of Livestock (DGGA), Jos Barrn said that this work has been possible thanks to an effort articulated with municipalities, GORES and the producers themselves who are now involved in the planting and fertilization of their soil.
A cross-section was made on the coiled part of the organism, directly under the stomach, and was photographed for measuring the gonad area (GA) and the area of the complex digestive gland-gonad (DGGA), using the software ImageJ version 1.38 x.