DGIDDirection Générale des Impôts et des Domaines (French: General Directorate of Taxation and Property; various nations)
DGIDDestination Global Id
DGIDDidier Gomez Interior Design (France)
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Responsibility for Valuation By the Office of Taxes and Domain in Senegal or "Direction Generale des Impots et Domaines" or DGID. DGID's officials rely mainly on property information provided by property owners and principal tenants.
The agencies responsible for narcotics-related law enforcement including, Customs, the Police, the Directorate General for the Repression of Illicit Drug Trafficking (DGRTID), the National Directorate for Intelligence and Information (DNII), the Prefectura Naval (Coast Guard), the Military Intelligence Agency (DGID), and the National Drug Secretariat are increasingly competent and effective.
Expected Results: The expected intermediate outcomes of this project include: the Direction Generale des Impots et Domaine (DGID) performs more effectively its role as taxation policy advisor; and the DGID performs more effectively in implementing taxation policy and tax collection.