DGJDaniel Galvin Junior (hair products; UK)
DGJDirectors Guild of Japan (est. 1936)
DGJDrexler Guinand Jauslin (architecture firm; Switzerland)
DGJDistinctive Gold Jewelry (Frankfort, IL)
DGJDairy Goat Journal (Countryside Publications, Ltd.)
DGJDirection Générale Affaires Juridiques (French: General Directorate of Legal Affairs; Belgium)
DGJDeutsche Gewichtheber-Jugend (German: German Youth Weightlifting; Germany)
DGJ1-Deoxy-Galactonojirimycin (pharmacology)
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Recently a new chaperone MTD118, a bicyclic DGJ derivative with an advantage of simpler chemical synthesis as compared to NOEV, (46) was found to show a chaperone spectrum complementary to that of NOEV for some mutant genes (Table 2).
Pruden A, Larsson DGJ, Amezquita A, Collignon P, Brandt KK, Graham DW, Lazorchak JM, et al.
We observed that R301Q bound to DGJ was processed from a 50-kD band to a 46-kD band, presumably owing to the increase in properly folded protein.
DGJ, Halewood THERE are no guarantees, but there is a scheme for tracing lost accounts.
LaSalle and DGJ conducted independent auctions of substantially all of BPI's assets, and PCL was declared the successful bidder.
A purchaser has submitted an offer to purchase the equipment from DGJ the primary secured creditor.
I recommend DGJ Hangover Shampoo that will strip it back and leave it looking like it does when you've been to the salon.