DGLSDeutsche Gesellschaft für Lesen und Schreiben (German: German Society for Reading and Writing)
DGLSDivision of Geology and Land Survey
DGLSDirector General of Livestock Services (Ministry of Agriculture; Indonesia)
DGLSDiesel Generator Lubrication System
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An AR(1) error process was used to implement the GLS transformation for the DGLS estimator.
We obtain similar results using Stock and Watson's [1993] DOLS and DGLS procedures to estimate the cointegrating vector.
The DOLS and DGLS results reported in Table VI also do not depend on the number of leads and lags included.
A spokesman for LandsD said, as indicated in the press release of July 15, the premises issued with DGLs are scattered across more than 200 industrial buildings.
The main pathway is the formation from membrane phospholipids through the combined actions of phospholipase C (PLC) and diacylglycerol lipase (DGL) (Fig.
Activation of voltage-gated [Ca.sup.2+] channels or NMDARs causes a large [Ca.sup.2+] elevation in postsynaptic neurons, and produces 2-AG in a DGL,-dependent manner.
(59)) Studies using DGL inhibitors (20)), (47)), (57)), (62)), (63)) and DGL[alpha]-KO mice (49)) support the involvement of DGL[alpha] in [G.sub.q/11]-coupled receptor-driven eCB-STD.