DGMCDavid Grant Medical Center (Travis Air Force Base, CA)
DGMCDonald Gordon Medical Centre (Johannesburg, South Africa)
DGMCDavao Gulf Management Council (Davao, Mindanao, Philippines)
DGMCDirector General Military Careers (Canadian military)
DGMCDenver Gay Men's Chorus (Colorado)
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In discussing service provided to both internal and external customers, DGMC lab leaders stress the importance of access and communication.
Outside providers that order lab tests for patients receive results via secure fax line, enhancing continuity of care from the DGMC to their organizations.
During 2016, the DGMC Lab initiated an auto-validation process improvement.
In addition, the Organization asks the minister if DGMC has a government's permission to change the Achanan riverbed in the
The Organization also asks if DGMC has an environmental plan.
The surgical team at DGMC can perform 12 different specialty surgeries here.
DGMC is a unique facility where VA and Air Force officials partner to provide care for both DOD and VA patients in the area.
Doing a heart or vascular surgery is the closest thing to trauma at DGMC," Dr.
The clinical documentation system deployment at DGMC includes Essentris[R] CPOE[TM] (Computerized Provider Order Entry), Essentris[R] GDR[TM] (Global Data Repository) and Essentris[R] OnWatch[R] (clinical surveillance) in the medical/surgical, intensive care and medical health units.
The deployment of the Essentris EMR at DGMC was part of a contract DoD recently awarded CliniComp to provide clinical documentation solutions to 36 MTFs over the next 24 months.
In 2013 DGMC is to make a positive or negative decision on the basis of exploration of capacities of the Shahumyan
Zarafyan says that the EBRD has been informed of the public's viewpoint about loan provision to the DGMC.