DGNsDangerous Goods Notes
DGNSDirector General of Nuclear Safety (Department of National Defence; Canada)
DGNSDoppler Embedded GPS Navigation System
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Some of the 2D/3D file formats and supported applications include DGN, DWG, PDF, AutoPLANT, TriForma, PlantSpace, PDS, Google SketchUp, Google Earth([TM]), IGES, STEP, JPEG, TIFF, and 3DS.
Bentley DGN IFilter (allowing textual information within DGNs to become searchable within Windows Search and Google Desktop);
Bentley View (to interact with DWG, DGN, and i-models as well as many other raster and vector formats used by infrastructure professionals);
This driver provides direct ODBC access to data within DGNs and i-models.
This new iWare App equips Windows 7 users to fully and easily navigate DGNs and i-models.
a previewer - an immersive viewer for DGNs and i-models directly within Windows Explorer and Microsoft Outlook for models and drawings without the need to open them in an application;
text search - allowing the contents of DGNs and i-models to be indexed, making this content searchable within Windows Search and Google Desktop;
Bentley spends considerable time discussing the XM editions' key features, including task modeling, project table of contents, SharePoint integration, project templates, and distributed DGNs - the last of which he calls "the silver bullet in XM.
An intuitive new interface places powerful features within easy reach of the user, and an unchanged DGN file format and full support for existing V8 standards allow projects to proceed uninterrupted while participants upgrade to MicroStation V8 XM Edition at any time.