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Me rag bla ma bstan pa 'i sgron me yi mdzad rnams [rnam] dang dgon gnas chags tshul/ a sam rgyal po nas khral dang sa cha dbang ba'i 'dzin yig dor 'dus [mdor bsdus] bzhugs so [the biography of the first Me rag Lama], ff.
lo tsha bas nyi shu rtsa bdun lon pa'i tshe slob dpon pha jo dgung lo 1nga bcu rtsa cig pa sa mo lug gi lo la mjal phur sku 'das : pha jo dang ma cig gnyis ka lo na zla : sa mo sbrul lo ba yin : rje btsun rgyal tsha rin po che sa pho khyi lo bdun bcu rtsa brgyad la khro bu'i [read: phu'i] gdan sa bar sar sku 'das : de'i tshe shing [o yos bu'i lo yin : lo tsha bas rang lo nyi shu rtsa gsum lon : slob dpon pha jo sa mo lug gi lo la 'das te : de'i tshe lo tsha bas rang nyid lo nyi shu rtsa brgyad lon : ma 1 drug bcu rtsa brgyad la glas [or: slas] [interlinear note: snar gyi dgon pa] mo cher sku 'das / lo tsha bas rang lo bzhi bcu [read.
(f.3a line 1): "He was born at rTag (spelled so) lung dgon pa on an auspicious day and month of earth female pig 1239".
Although the date of his birth are not known, this master, who made Dgon lung byams pa gling his seat, lived a long life.
If the name referred to a monastery, there were several sites bearing such a name, making connection to Je Tsongkhapa (rje tsong kha pa, 1357-1419), such as: Chab mdo byams pa gling, dGon lung byams pa gling and sKu 'bum byams pa gling--the latter two being famous Gelugpa monasteries in Amdo.
Preliminary Remarks on the manuscripts of Gnas gsar dgon pa in northern Dolpo (Nepal).
The monks of Khra gling dgon pa (Dar lag rdzong) together with those of Rdo grub chen (Padma rdzong) (48) chose to perform the horse race (rta rgyug) episode of which they did a pantomime.
In rJe btsun Kun dga' grol mchog's biography of Pan chen Shakya mchog ldan, it is mentioned that 'an old sNgags pa Lama of the family lineage of Bal po A su from dNgos grub sdings dgon pa, known as rTa mgrin yang dag grub pa' conferred a Hayagriva teaching on the infant Shakya mchog ldan.
mKhan po Padma Shes rab suggests that dPal sprul wrote sPyi don and 'Bru 'grel for the rDza Ser shul dGon pa, a monastery in which both dGe lugs pa teachings and rNying ma practices were upheld and in which dPal sprul possibly taught on several occasions.
According to Lcang skya Ngag dbang chos ldan (1642-1714), the Bka' 'gyur set is preserved in Dgon lung byams pa gling monastery, therefore it can be concluded that this is a reproduction of the edited version of the 1737 edition.
We have commenced the visit to the temple which stands on the plain, not very far from our camp; it is called lotan gompa (blo t'aE dgon pa), and shows the characteristic plan of the chapels built during the first dynasty of Guge, with atrium and niche.
TODAY'S GAME: Newport-Gwent Dgons v Llanelli Scarlets (4.10).