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DGPDirector General of Police (India)
DGPDissimilar Gateway Protocol
DGPDeutsche Gesellschaft für Parodontologie
DGPData Generating Process
DGPData Gathering Panel
DGPDaily Grammar Practice (education)
DGPSenior Defense Group on Proliferation (NATO)
DGPDigitaler Grossprint
DGPDomestic Gross Product
DGPDouble Glazing Panel (window design)
DGPDistrict Government Pleader
DGPDuty Group Position
DGPDavid Gianios Photographe (French photography firm)
DGPDiagnostic Génétique Pré-Implantation (French: Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis)
DGPDélais Globaux de Paiement (French: Global Payment Deadline)
DGPDroit & Gestion de Patrimoine (French: Law & Asset Management)
DGPDeepsouthwest Geocaching Project
DGPDelta Gamma Phi (sorority)
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The DGP has asked the officers to record every details of the cattle smugglers.
The DGP was replying to questions regarding security situation in Jammu and Kashmir and crossborder infiltration.
I will serve the notice to the DGP because he is responsible for the entire state," she added.
Intelsius was incorporated as DGP Group in 1998, when the company developed a unique packaging solution designed for the transportation of samples suspected of containing the BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalitis, or "Mad Cow Disease") prion.
After the Bombay High Court judgment, Roy has proceeded on a long leave with the state government handing the additional charge of the DGP to K.
Collect and make available to DGP members information on local and state electoral, initiative and other campaigns;
If the member could not supply the wheat with the desired quality, DGP would purchase the wheat on behalf of the member and charge them purchase or the current market price, plus a service fee.
The DGP promoter, the state-owned and Abu Dhabi-controlled UAE Offset Group (UOG), signed an initial agreement with Mobil in early July 1999.
Alarm systems used to protect significant assets include several types of data communications lines, from sensor to data-gathering panel (DGP), from DGP to DGP or alarm system computer, and between alarm system computers and computer peripherals.
The DGP NOAA/CLASS team consists of the Joint Venture partners DB Consulting Group Inc and Global Science & Technology Inc.
President Aliu clarified that the DGP s recommendations must still be reviewed under ICAO s Air Navigation Commission (ANC), before ultimately being brought before the UN aviation agency s 36-State Council for final assessment and decision.
DGP Omprakash informed a section of the media that he had no role in his son's business and that if any illegality was committed, the law would take its own course.