DGPADynamique des Groupes des Peuples Autochtones (French: Dynamics of the Indigenous Peoples)
DGPADouglas G. Peterson & Associates, Inc. (various locations)
DGPADegree Grade Point Average (academics; various schools)
DGPADirector General of Public Affairs (Canadian Armed Forces)
DGPADiploma Grade Point Average (various universities)
DGPADirection Générale des Politiques Agroalimentaires (French: General Direction Agri-Food Policy; Canada)
DGPADemocratic Governance and Public Administration (USAID; Poland)
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UGPA, GGPA, and decision GPA (DGPA) were all recorded from official transcripts.
In Section 3, a short review on learning automata and Discretized Generalized Pursuit Algorithm (DGPA) are presented.
We thank Direccao Geral das Pescas e Aquicultura (DGPA) for providing the meagre data set.
However, by July 20 Gunnet98 admitted that "perhaps DGPA could put him in for one of those oft talked about Domestic Ops medals should they come to being."
Some coastal communities are almost totally dependent on fishing or related activities (DGPA, 1998).
'The healthcare professionals are requested to report any adverse events or side effects associated with the use of the product to the Department of Pharmacovigilance and Drug Information in DGPA and DC.'
Workers in Taiwan will have 115 days off in 2019, with six long weekends, the longest being the nine-day Chinese New Year holiday, three days longer than last year, the announced the Directorate-General of Personnel Administration (DGPA) Monday (July 2).
De son cote, Chokri Bayoudh, responsable a la Direction generale de la production agricole (DGPA) au Ministere de l'agriculture et des ressources hydrauliques a indique que dans l'objectif d'assurer la promotion du secteur oleicole et de l'huile d'olive, un plan a ete elabore pour la periode 2016-2020.
En el marco de la reforma del Poder Ejecutivo, por el momento se ha dispuesto que el PETT se integra a Cofopri, y el Conacs se <<extingue>> en Inrena y la DGPA: dos fusiones que requieren de explicaciones mas serias que la del solo <<ahorro del gasto publico>>.
Henceforth, it would be called Director General Public Affairs (DGPA) and would report to the Vice-Chief of the Defence Staff through a new Assistant Deputy Minister (Communications and Public Affairs).
It was organised by the Ministry of Health (MoH) represented by the Directorate General of Pharmaceutical Affairs and Drug Control (DGPA and DC).
La decision de que el Inrena y la Direccion General de Promocion Agraria (DGPA) absorban las funciones del Consejo Nacional de Camelidos Sudamericanos (Conacs) ha sido recibida, por los criadores y gremios campesinos, como un <<descuartizamiento>> de este organismo.