DGPPDroit et Gestion du Patrimoine Privé (French: Law and Management of Private Property)
DGPPDemande de Gestion de Période de Professionnalisation (French: Application Management Professionalization Period)
DGPPDivisions of General Practice Program (Australia; Department of Health and Ageing; health care guidelines)
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Este proceso se implementa en nuestro pais desde el ano 2007 que por Ley 28927 Presupuesto del Sector Publico se dio la responsabilidad a la DGPP, disenar e implementar la Gestion Presupuestaria por Resultados a fin dar respuesta a:
Protected by special laws (in themselves, inaccessible to the wider public or to the citizens) and organised by military regulations, yet preferring clandestineness, the DGPP was the institution of censorship which, alongside the Security Direction, represented one of the most feared and despised instruments of the communist state in Romania during the first three decades of the regime.
Researchers implementing a DGPP model developed two tools to assess the degree of progress in implementing the model and the strength of the model on professional practice variables (Milton, Verran, Gerber, & Fleury, 1995).
Si la croissance globale va connaEtre une progression significative en 2014, celle hors hydrocarbures se maintiendrait a la baisse, toujours selon les projections de la DGPP.
Computational modeling utilizing a validated molecular model of LPA3 was used to evaluate the interaction with DGPP by docking the compound into the LPA-binding pocket.
Ferhane Sidi Mohamed, premier responsable de la DGPP.