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DGRDeductible Gift Recipient (Australian tax exemption)
DGRDangerous Goods Regulations
DGRDirección General de Rentas (Spanish: General Revenue Directorate; Argentina)
DGRDelibera Giunta Regionale (Italy)
DGRDuodenogastric Reflux (medical condition)
DGRDangerous Game Rifle
DGRDirectorate General Resettlement (India)
DGRDesignated Government Representative
DGRDaily Going Rate
DGRDead Guy Running (video game term)
DGRDynamic Growth and Reconfiguration
DGRDenver and Rio Grande Railroad Company
DGRDivision of Geothermal Research
DGRDevil's Gulch Route (Estes Park, CO postal route)
DGRDepartment of Geographic Research (University of Chicago)
DGRDirector of Government Relations (various locations)
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However, the high mortality rate observed in GRMD during the first 2 weeks of life coinciding with a high CK concentration suggested that DGR puppies could develop massive muscular necrosis mainly of the respiratory muscles (NGUYEN et al.
Squadron Leader Praveen Singh with the Indian Air Force from the short service commission, who opted for this programme after serving 10 years for armed forces, said, "This initiative of DGR and MDI is commendable for ex-servicemen to find a firm footing in the corporate world.
If the DGR were to be installed at the Bruce site, the nuclear waste would never leave the grounds, would only be moved 100 meters to the DGR and would be taken 680 meters below ground to be stored and sealed off.
DGR will initially be working on literature for Speedy's new house builder division, as well as their rail and lifting equipment offering.
Characteristic DGR is the diagnosis by the presence of endoscopic observation of a large bile lake (BL) in the stomach with symptoms of nausea, vomiting, epigastric pain, and abdominal fullness.
Both DGR and On The Lookout work hard to maintain a 'best in class' reputation among our clients.
The tuition fee is around Rs 2 lakh, of which the DGR pays 60 per cent.
The DGR of the signal x[k] consists of the discrete Gabor expansion and the discrete Gabor transform as follows [26]:
If there are efficiency-related changes that do not compromise safety, IATA includes these changes in the DGR.
Raven's presentation provided a summary of the results obtained from the numerous detailed studies performed towards the DGR investigation.
Seed from each of these plants, identified as DGR 91-1, DGR 91-2, DGR 91-3, and DGR 91-4, was used to establish single-plant progeny turf plots at Adelphia in September 1991.