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DGRDeep Geologic Repository (nuclear waste)
DGRDeductible Gift Recipient (Australian tax exemption)
DGRDividend Growth Rate
DGRDangerous Goods Regulations
DGRDirección General de Rentas (Spanish: General Revenue Directorate; Argentina)
DGRDirector General's Requirements (Australia)
DGRDirector of Government Relations (various locations)
DGRDelibera Giunta Regionale (Italy)
DGRDuodenogastric Reflux (medical condition)
DGRDangerous Game Rifle
DGRDirectorate General Resettlement (India)
DGRDesignated Government Representative
DGRDaily Going Rate
DGRDead Guy Running (video game term)
DGRDynamic Growth and Reconfiguration
DGRDenver and Rio Grande Railroad Company
DGRDivision of Geothermal Research
DGRDevil's Gulch Route (Estes Park, CO postal route)
DGRDepartment of Geographic Research (University of Chicago)
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DGR is focussed on an inter-generational, global search for tier one resource projects that will address booming global demand for these commodities.
This global cause is undertaken annually by DGR and JS Bank has been its lead sponsor in Pakistan for the past two years."
This year, more than 86,000 people took part in the DGR around the world.
The DGR would cost more than $1 billion to build, the utility has said.
Both DMD and DGR present progressive clinical signs and severe myopathy with initial fiber necrosis and regeneration associated with connective tissue proliferation in the endomysium and perimysium (VALENTINE et al., 1990,; MIJAZATO et al., 2011b; KORNEGAY et al., 2012).
New Delhi [India], Jul 30 ( ANI ): Management Development Institute (MDI), Gurugram, in association with Directorate General of Resettlement (DGR), Ministry of Defence, has been conducting six-month course for retired armed forces officers.
DGR will initially be working on literature for Speedy's new house builder division, as well as their rail and lifting equipment offering.
Duodenal contents reflux through the pylorus into the stomach is a physiological phenomenon that occur in the early morning, postprandial periods, and during endoscopy examination.[sup][1],[2] Long-term duodenogastric reflux (DGR) can cause pathological conditions such as chronic gastritis, foveolar hyperplasia, intestinal metaplasia, gastric dysplasia, gastric polyp, and gastric cancer.[sup][3],[4],[5],[6],[7]
The DGR was founded in 2012 in Sydney, Australia, inspired by a photo of Mad Men's Don Draper astride a classic bike wearing a suit.
"Both DGR and On The Lookout work hard to maintain a 'best in class' reputation among our clients.
The second possible measure of DGR is prolonged nonacid pH in the stomach.