DGRIDirection Générale de la Recherche et de l'Innovation (French: General Directorate for Research and Innovation)
DGRIDutch Gold Resources, Inc. (North America; mining)
DGRIDeutsche Gesellschaft für Recht und Informatik eV
DGRIDumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary (UK)
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The DGRI had particularly poor results with only 83.
DGRI has been put forward for the award for the "landscaping for a naturally therapeutic and healing environment".
As for the complainers, no hospital in the country will ever have enough car parking, unless we start using the public transport, and aren't we so lucky a shuttle bus is running to the new DGRI every 20 minutes but are we using it?
DGRI direction juridique et achats service des marches Hotel du Departement 24 rue St-Esprit Cedex 1
Miss Fleming, 34, said: "The things that went on while he was in DGRI were completely unacceptable.
Former Lockerbie woman Mrs Wyllie, now a resident at Dalawoodie Care Home, was taken TURN TO PAGE 6 FROM PAGE 1 by ambulance to the Accident and Emergency department at DGRI on Tuesday night suffering from a high temperature, low oxygen count, dehydration, sickness and diarrhoea.
Planned road improvements near the new DGRI are to be put on hold until August.
DGRI DJA service des Marches 24, rue Saint Esprit, Cedex 1
We continue to admit approximately six to eight new cases of flu at DGRI on a daily basis.
DGRI, direction juridique et achats, service des marches, Hotel du Departement, 24 rue Saint-Esprit, Cedex 1
Mr McDonald from DGRI League of Friends was the next speaker at the next meeting.