DGRhDeutsche Gesellschaft für Rheumatologie (German: German Society for Rheumatology)
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With the Technical Team research and training: UNAH IHCIT, DGRH SERNA SERNA DNCC, has started gathering information and defined the methodology for water balance and has initiated sampling for inventory and analysis of groundwater in the upper basin of the river Choluteca.
With Crew Boscoso Corridor: SAN, ICF, SERNA DNCC, DGRH and DECA, Co-manejantes Protected Areas, Halls, and AMITIGRA Zamorano, has advanced: the protection of 3418.06 hectares that have been defined, demarcated and labeled (788.06 on 5 micro watershed subbasin Guacerique 2,630.00 in 4 basins and micro LTNP); Cadastre 30,000.00 Rural and agricultural sub river basin of Man and ambulatory monitoring - monitoring of protection through patrols to 34,823.54 hectares of forest.
With the team from the National Weather Network (SMN, UNAH SAN and DGRH SERNA), the National Meteorological Diagnostics Network and Cartography Made to define: Buying Stock parts to restore stations, acquisition of new Weather Stations and location for basins in the country (50 to 69 stations in the bidding process) and the lifting of a baseline, transmission services and training.
DGRH - service developpement des competences 1 place de la Comedie Cedex 01