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DGSDepartment of General Services
DGSDouglas (Amtrak station code; Douglas, WY)
DGSDikey Gecis Sinavi (Turkish: Vertical Transfer Examination)
DGSDirection Générale des Services (French: General Directorate of Services)
DGSDirection Générale de la Santé (French: General Directorate of Health)
DGSDeputy General Secretary (various organizations)
DGSDirector of Graduate Studies (various university departments)
DGSDeutsche Gesellschaft für Soziologie (German: German Sociological Association)
DGSDeposit Guarantee Scheme (finance)
DGSDirector-General of Security
DGSDragons du Soleil (French: Dragons of the Sun; gaming)
DGSDesktop Graphic Services
DGSDigital Government Society
DGSDigeorge Syndrome
DGSDeutschen Gesellschaft für Sonnenenergie eV (German: German Society for Solar Energy)
DGSDigital Station
DGSDiego Garcia (space launch ground station)
DGSDynamic Geometry Software
DGSDivision of General Services
DGSDefected Ground Structure
DGSDigital Goods Seller (web program)
DGSDiocesan Girls' School
DGSDistributed Ground Station
DGSDistributed Ground System
DGSDistribution Gestion Service (French: Distribution Management Service)
DGSDesign General Specifications (various companies)
DGSDeployable Ground Station
DGSSpiny Dogfish (FAO fish species code)
DGSDartford Grammar School (England)
DGSDry Gas Seal
DGSDiscount Gun Sales
DGSDiminished Gluteal Syndrome (King of the Hill)
DGSDangerous Goods Shipping
DGSDeployable Ground System
DGSDrogheda Grammar School (second level school in Ireland)
DGSDrill Guidance System
DGSData Generation System
DGSDedicated Ground Site
DGSDysfunctional Government Services (various locations)
DGSDirectory Generation System
DGSDeluge Geological Society
DGSData Generation Session
DGSDried Distiller's Grains and Solubles
DGSDevice Ground Sense
DGSDragon Go Surfer (online computer game)
DGSDiocese of the Good Shepherd
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DGS Energy, founded in 2008, provides nationwide consulting, installation, cleaning, decommissioning, recycling, and programming services to clients in the hospitality and assisted living industries.
DGS has been integrated on the ground plane with planar transmission line, that is, microstrip line, coplanar waveguide, and conductor backed coplanar wave guide [12-24].
In order to promote a consistent approach and to facilitate entry into cooperation agreements between DGSs across the EU, the Guidelines specify the objectives and minimum content of such cooperation agreements.
The directorate should either become a full-fledged ministry or brought under the Ministry of Interior Affairs in order to prevent appointments of DGs and acting DGs being viewed through the corruption lens, he says.
In this filter, two kinds of novel DGS unit with different dimensions are used, named type 1 and type 2.
An equivalent circuit model for the DGS placed in a gap-discontinuity of a microstrip line has also been developed for understanding the behavior.
In order to analyze the proposed dual-band bandstop filter in detail, comparison of the bandstop filter with normal arrayed and stagger arrayed DGS patterns is given in Fig.
Agility DGS has also recently won contracts to manage repair parts supplies at the Tobyhanna Army Depot in Pennsylvania and bulk-fuel supplies for the US military on US Air Force installations in Guam, Japan, South Korea, Portugal, Germany and Turkey.- Reuters
A spokesman at the press conference at which the DGS listing was announced said that the decision to create the product was "to try to balance the demand components and to bring a better balance and structure to the gold market."
That DGS arrangements should be strengthened has been a global, not just an EU, response to the credit crunch.
In the fall of 2003, the sounds of bulldozers roared through the air as contractors working for DGS began demolishing two abandoned buildings, the former Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services building and the former Motor Fuel Lab, both located at the corner of 14th and Bank Streets in downtown Richmond.