DGSEDallas Gold and Silver Exchange (Texas)
DGSEDirection Générale de Sécurité Extérieure (French Equivalent of MI6 and CIA)
DGSEDireccion General de Seguridad y Emergencias
DGSEDirector General Spectrum Engineering Branch (Canada)
DGSEDevelopmental Ground Support Equipment
DGSEDirection Générale De Services Etrangères (French)
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DGSE said it expects the acquisition to bring promising revenue and earnings accretion to shareholders, positioning DGSE to generate an attractive, total shareholder return over the long term.
The Minister while talking to the staff of DGSE and doctors said that special children can be made productive part of society by providing them with quality education and modern health facilities.
The DGSE and agents with military clearance have been working with Orange, formerly known as France Telecom, "for at least 30 years", said Le Monde.
According to the daily newspaper, which does not cite sources, the program was supposed to remain a secret, because it is illegal for the DGSE to gather data on French civilians.
Two DGSE agents are to go on trial in New Zealand on November 4 charged with sabotage and murder for their part in the operation.
27 May 2010 - Texas Capital Bank has struck a deal with DGSE Companies Inc (AMEX:DGSE) to renew the credit facility extended to the company and has boosted its amount, DGSE said.
Critics said Dufresse retired from the DGSE before Reiss went to Iran and thus he would have no information about her.
The DGSE document claims the leader of the al-Qaeda terror network fell victim to a severe form of the disease - usually caused by drinking dirty water - in Pakistan on August 23.
A newspaper yesterday published extracts of a 23-page account by Pierre Lacoste, the former head of DGSE spy agency, in which he says that Mitterrand authorised the bombing of the 'peace' vessel in Auckland's port.
Schweizer apparently assured them that former DGSE director Pierre Marion had given him the names of the two DGSE agents who became sources for his book--Pascal Fasquelle and Francois Lorot.
The DGSE recently "ran" a group of French engineers out of France's embassy in Washington, D.
Significant quantities of gold, silver, platinum and palladium investment grade bullion will now be available at all 34 DGSE locations, including bullion from Elemetal subsidiaries OPM Metals and NTR Metals, as well as government mints from around the world.