DGSIDurham Geo Slope Indicator (Stone Mountain, GA)
DGSIDirection Générale des Stratégies Industrielles (France)
DGSIDirector General of Science and Innovation (UK)
DGSIDigits Solutions Informatique (French: Digits Computing Solutions; Belgium)
DGSIDétection Gardiennage Sécurité Intervention (French: Detection Guarding Safety Intervention)
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Implementing agency : Etat de Geneve, Direction generale des systemes d~informations DGSI, represente par la Centrale Commune d~Achats (CCA)
France's interior minister said analysis by the DGSI security service suggested that one of the men shown herding prisoners to the execution site was Maxime Hauchard, a Frenchman from the northern Eure region who left for Syria in August 2013.
One of the missions of the Direction Groupe Systemes d Information (DGSI) is to improve the efficiency of business processes, underlined Agnes Mauffrey, Director of DGSI at Michelin.