DGSSDirection Générale des Services Spéciaux (French: Directorate General of Special Services)
DGSSDeutsche Gesellschaft Zum Studium des Schmerzes eV (German: German Society for the Study of Pain Association)
DGSSDivision of Governmental Studies and Services (Washington State University; Pullman, WA)
DGSSDireccion General de Servicios de Salud (Spanish: Health Services General Directorate; various countries)
DGSSDean Greenwood Swim School (Auckland, New Zealand)
DGSSDiesel Generator Starting System
DGSSDirectorate General of Standards & Specifications (Oman)
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Two dumbbell DGSs are placed at each side of the CSRRs to produce an extra transmission zero which can increase the isolation between these two passbands.
The new DGSD enhances the resilience of deposit guarantee schemes (DGSs) and improves depositor protection, including in cross-border bank failures.
Guha, "New defected ground structures (DGSs) to reduce cross-polarized radiation of circular microstrip antennas," IEEE Applied Electromagnetic Conf.
Among our most successful recent improvements are advancements in information-sharing (for example, continuing the installation across multiple DGSs of coalition-friendly terminals for better support of operations); innovative software to ensure that users have real-time access to the status of their intelligence requirement; and access to large volumes of imagery even in bandwidth-constrained environments (through the Air Force's Web-based Imagery Access Solutions capability).
In a report to the G7, in April 2008, the international watchdog, the Financial Stability Forum, included optimum use of DGSs in its recommendations for enhancing the resilience of financial markets and institutions.
Why the OWG refrained from calling the dietary guidance statements "DGSs," I can't imagine, but they certainly make up for it with their brilliant examples of what helpful DGSs might look like.
(6-8) It is expected that DGSs can be applied effectively in microwave circuits to utilize their advantages over conventional PBGs.
The report dated August 8, 2018 and which was addressed to the Acting President accused the former DGSS Lawal Daura of taking unilateral decision to block the entrance of the National Assembly.
DGSs are etched at the bottom plane of the resonators and band-stop frequency responses are achieved.
Different efforts for improving the bandwidth [37], enhancing the gain [34], and reducing the size of printed monopole antennas [39] using DGSs are discussed in literature.