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DGTDirección General de Tráfico (Spain)
DGTDirection Générale du Travail (French: General Directorate of Labor; French Ministry of Labor, Employment and Health)
DGTDirectorate-General for Translation (European Commission)
DGTDirectorate General of Telecommunications (Taiwan)
DGTDon't Go There
DGTDirecciòn General de Transporte (Guatemala)
DGTDelayed Gratification Technique (alt.smokers.pipes)
DGTDynamic Gunver Technologies
DGTDigital GPS Translator
DGTDevelopment Gains Tax (UK)
DGTDesignated Ground Target
DGTDoc's Geek Tees, LLC
DGTDangerous Goods Training
DGTDirection Générale de la Traduction (French: Directorate General for Translation; EU)
DGTDiscounted Gift Trust (tax law; UK)
DGTDirection Générale des Télécommunications (French: Directorate General of Telecommunications)
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Those factors influence the effectivity and efficiency of tax system, particularly DGT as an institution in terms of performing its duties.
Further, the reverse stock split will be effected by issuing one share of DGT common stock for every 100,000 outstanding shares before the split and since fractional shares will not be issued, shareholders with less than 100,000 shares of common stock (the cashed out shareholders) will have these cancelled and converted into the right to receive USD18.
DGT Book Promotions, LLC provides a unique affordable marketing solution to help Indie authors use social media and other online media outlets to spread the word about their literary works.
The DGT 300 digital web-tension controller has eliminated the need for tuning potentiometers or setting DIP switches, and is fully equipped with user-friendly WindowsTm-base software that can be downloaded to any laptop or PC.
DGT, set up 1954 and based in Bay Shore,A New York, operates through two subsidiaries -- Medical Systems Group, which designs, manufactures and markets imaging and diagnostic systems, and Power Conversion Group, which specialises in high-voltage power conversion subsystems including electronic filters, high voltage capacitors, pulse modulators, transformers and reactors, among others, for use in the industrial, medical, military and other commercial applications.
DGT Logistics is planning to use the EBRD loan to purchase a range of transport vehicles and freight-handling equipment.
2008) found that the depth profiles of DRP in pore-water extracted by centrifugation closely matched those measured by DGT in two lake sediments from the Gippsland region of Australia.
Her research is based on information taken from the database records of the Directorate General for Traffic (DGT), which contains exhaustive information on accidents, and another DGT study from May 2004, containing information about the time at which accidents take place, the calls made to the emergency services and their arrival at the accident site.
The DGT, which for now is an entirely national project, is intended to be an innovative combination of the monolithic and segmented mirror designs that the builders and planners of large telescopes have so far used separately.
com)-- DGT Book Promotions, LLC, an online marketing company, works with self-published authors and small publishing companies to promote their literary works.
Merobel[R] DGT 300 controller offers a complete package as a universal controller allowing the customer to use it in open or closed loop mode.