DGTBData Generating Technology Base
DGTBDirection Gestion Technique des Bâtiments (French: Executive Building Management Systems)
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In this Circular it is mentioned that the prevention and monitoring measures against TiLV disease are: firstly , prohibiting the inclusion of mother candidate, parent, and / or Nila fish seed from country affected by TiLV outbreak ie Israel, Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt and Thailand; Second : to limit the inclusion of prospective parent, parent, and / or Tilapia seeds from non-outbreak countries by complying with the provisions shall enclose live fish import permits, enclose fish health certificates and test results of quality; Third: temporarily not doing Tilapia seed stocking activities in public waters; Fourth : performing laboratory testing at the entrance and inter-regional expenditure; and Fifth : requested all DGTB and DINAS to conduct surveillance and monitoring of TiLV diseases.