DGTDDiscontinuous Galerkin Time-Domain (lightwave technology)
DGTDDeutschen Gesellschaft für Trauma und Dissoziation (German: German Society for Trauma and Dissociation)
DGTDDeath Guild Thunderdome
DGTDDirectorate General of Technical Development (India)
DGTDDeployable Ground Data Terminal (US Army)
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Iterative Formulas of 2-D DGTD in Elliptical Cylinder UPML
The results of FDTD (solid line) and DGTD ("[??]") (its region is truncated with rectangular PML) are also shows in the figure.
According to the DGTD equations and the parameter transformation theory in orthogonal curvilinear coordinate systems, the processes of parameter transformation for 2-D UPML between the coordinate systems of elliptical and Cartesian are presented, and expressions of transition matrix are derived.
Jin, "A dynamic p-adaptive DGTD algorithm for electromagnetic and multiphysics simulations," IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, vol.
The discontinuous Galerkin time domain method (DGTD) works accurately and efficiently for highly multiscale EM problems when an optimal time integration method is implemented.
Explicit FDTD Implicit DGTD Gain Number of unknowns 3.5 millions 138514 25 [DELTA]t 0.36 fs 2 ps 5700 Number of steps for 8 ns 22.8 millions 4000 5700 CPU time per time step (s) 0.0117 0.6 0.02 Total CPU time (s) 265712 2400 110 Memory (MB) 56 1340 0.04
The generation of DGTD for real imagery is a challenging task, which is not always possible.
occluded: this criterion considers occluded points, which can be detected by forward projecting the reference view, or applying the bi-directional constraint on DGTD.
The results of TDIE/DGTD and DGTD are shown for comparison in Figure 6; a good agreement is observed between two results.
Cao, "Hybrid method combining DGTD and TDIE for wire antenna-dielectric interaction," Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society Journal, vol.