DGUVDeutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung (German)
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[ClickPress, Tue Aug 07 2018] SCHUNK is building on its advantage when it comes to grippers for collaborative operation: with the SCHUNK Co-act EGP-C gripper, the competence leader for gripping systems and clamping technology is presenting for the first time an inherently safe industrial gripper which has been certified and approved for collaborative operation by the German Social Accident Insurance DGUV. The certificate simplifies the safety observation for collaborative applications and shortens the time requirement.
Testing of portable electrical equipment according to trbs 1201 and dguv regulation 4 according to test standard din vde 0701-0702 according to design and protection class at various locations of departments, kindergartens, etc.
At least 3 reference projects in the subject DGUV V-3 exam and
the recurring dguv v3 test of stationary electrical systems is based on din vde 0105-100 / a1, Din vde 0100-600 and din vde 0100-410.
Contract notice: overall safety supervision according to dguv regulation 2
The tendered service comprises the examination of the electrical building installation in elementary schools and youth leisure centers of the city of dortmund, on the basis of the existing requirements of the dguv regulation 3 (bgv).
the safety-related care should be reorganized in accordance with the guidelines of dguv regulation 2 and ordered in accordance with the law on occupational physicians, safety engineers and other occupational safety specialists (asig) and the accident prevention regulation "occupational physicians and occupational safety specialists (dguv regulation 2).
Every year 2 large maintenance and 2 small maintenance (inspection) and 2 dguv v3 tests of large kitchen equipment - thermals in berlin, every year 2 dguv v3 examinations in brandenburg, execution of repair services.