DGVDeutschen Golf Verbandes (German: German Golf Association)
DGVDoppler Global Velocimetry
DGVDatabase of Genomic Variants
DGVDiemer Gymnastiek Vereniging (Dutch: Diemer Gymnastics Association)
DGVDavid Girard Vineyards (Placerville, CA)
DGVDireção Geral de Viação
DGVDomaine des Gardiens de la Vallée (French: Area of the Guardians of the Valley)
DGVDépannage Grande Vitesse (French: High Speed Troubleshooting)
DGVDessin a Grande Vitesse (French: High Speed Design)
DGVDauphin a Grande Vitesse (French: High Speed Dauphin; helicopters)
DGVDuteil Guillon Verne (France)
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Al examinar con detenimiento las DGV puede inferirse que, en terminos generales, son consistentes con las FGRI.
DGV und dgv: Volkerkunde und Volkskunde [DGV and dgv: Anthropology and folklore].
In May 1993, the DGV sent a package containing a structured questionnaire developed by the authors and an instrument asking for personnel related data developed by DGV to an expert in each of the 358 foundries (cf.
This paper is based upon a detailed analysis of the data collected by the Cranfield Network on European HRM (Cranet-E) which was conducted for DGV (A) of the European Commission.
The two cars taken were a metallic blue Ford Focus ST2, registration FH57 FBN, and a metallic light blue Audi TT, registration, WL53 DGV.
In the DGV a first agreement is obtained by the head coach, the special coaches, and the team physician as to which athlete should receive "UM".
The support of DGV is gratefully acknowledged, but the views expressed in the paper are the author's own and do not represent the Commission's position.
Marc-Alain Widdowson and Teresa Fernandes are funded by the European Programme for Intervention Epidemiology Training (EPIET), and DGV of the European Commission under agreement number S12-74030(99CVVF4-003-0).
It's not actually as dangerous as it looks," says Lauren Cuthbertson, who was in on the creation of both Chroma and DGV, and will perform both at the Kennedy Center.