DGVDeutschen Golf Verbandes (German: German Golf Association)
DGVDoppler Global Velocimetry
DGVDatabase of Genomic Variants
DGVDomaine des Gardiens de la Vallée (French: Area of the Guardians of the Valley)
DGVDessin a Grande Vitesse (French: High Speed Design)
DGVDépannage Grande Vitesse (French: High Speed Troubleshooting)
DGVDirty Green Vinyl (band)
DGVDuteil Guillon Verne (France)
DGVDauphin a Grande Vitesse (French: High Speed Dauphin; helicopters)
DGVDiemer Gymnastiek Vereniging (Dutch: Diemer Gymnastics Association)
DGVDavid Girard Vineyards (Placerville, CA)
DGVDireção Geral de Viação
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A direct comparison of the accuracy and bias of DGV determined in the present study with those determined previously is difficult given differences in populations and methodologies, such as clustering methodologies (e.g., K-means vs random vs identity by state IBS clustering), the models used, assessments of method accuracy (e.g., genetic correlation vs simple vs variable setting), and other reasons [9].
As reported in September, the particulars of the claim set out the alleged chain of events through which those involved sought to thwart the DGV.
CNA segments were reported with a hidden Markov model algorithm using the default CNA map in Genotyping Console 4.0 (Toronto DGV map).
Annotations can be gene-based (users can select the gene definition system; RefSeq, UCSC, ENSEMBL, GENCODE, etc.), region-based (transcription factor binding sites, DNAse I hypersensitivity sites, ENCODEmethylation sites, segmental duplication sites, DGV sites, etc.), filter-based (e.g., using only variants reported in dbSNP, or only variants with MAF > 1%), or based on any of many other user-driven functionalities.
DGV bassist, Tom Bradshaw, said they had been so disappointed about the cancellation that they had decided to step in and sort it out themselves.
HERE are the lucky 25 pounds 1m numbers: BFM 398783, DGD 159945, DGD 719200, DGF 818051, DGF 851397, DGG 277361, DGG 310516, DGJ 075608, DGL 850456, DGM 623889, DGN 148733, DGQ 683415, DGR 032175, DGS 561280, DGT 361529, DGV 087857, DGW 119899, DGW 375730, DGW 560374, DGW 702339, DGX 248398, DHB 070846, DHB 749651, DHF 422620, DHG 263337.
After the tour, the Minister presented certificates to a number of the successful learners who had achieved their NVQ qualification in Business Administration, DGV and Warehousing.
Take, for example, a company like Digital Lava (AMEX: DGV), founded in 1995, whose Video Visor products brought in revenues that put it in the early success category of a company that should have been able to weather the storm.