DGWSDirector-General of Water Services (United Kingdom)
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However, even if the DGWS's ability to make comparisons is prejudiced, it is not necessarily the case that a merger will be disallowed.
The review concludes with the DGWS setting the K factor for each company for 10 years with the possibility of review after 5.
This raises the issue of the appropriate number of comparators necessary for the DGWS to be able to undertake his duty as laid down in section (34)(3)(a) of the 1991 Water Industry Act.
In his evidence to each of the MMC inquiries involving referred water bids,(14) the DGWS argued strongly that the loss of a comparator produced two undesirable effects.
In all such mergers any benefits to customers had to be weighted against the effect of fewer comparators in making it more difficult for the DGWS to set taut efficiency targets for all companies.
If the number of usable comparators falls, the DGWS recognized that more disaggregated subcompany information would be required.
2, which includes control center (CC), district gateway (DGW), residential area gateway (RAGW), and home area networks (HANs).
2) Since the electricity regulation of CC may face a different range, the proposed scheme should meet the practical requirements that the CC can flexibly and effectively control the electricity consumption, i.e., the RAGW achieves fine-grained users' electricity consumption aggregation, the DGW achieves coarse-grained users' electricity consumption aggregation.
2) DGW privacy-preserving electricity report aggregation: After receiving total m fine-grained encrypted electricity reports [C.sub.ij,w] ||[[sigma].sub.ij,w], DG[W.sub.i] first checks signature [[sigma].sub.ij,w] to verify its validity.
In proposed scheme, DGW and RAGW only perform the work of aggregating and relaying data, they cannot decrypt the electricity consumption.
We evaluate the computational cost performance of each entity in the system (i.e., User, RAGW, DGW and CC).
Since the system model of our scheme is same as that of scheme [8], we compare the computational cost of the DGW between our scheme and scheme [8].