DGXDogfishes (FAO fish species code)
DGXDGX Hosting (formerly Digital Gaming eXtreme)
DGXDialga G Level X (Pokemon card)
DGXDependable Global Express (various locations)
DGXDark Generation X (gaming; France)
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Ten years ago, similar bullets lacked the bonding now standard in Hornady's DGX line.
It is featured on the NVIDIA DGX Station -- a whisper-quiet, personal AI workstation that packs the power of 400 CPUs -- enabling business analysts and data scientists to bring the power of the data center to their deskside.
Working with NVIDIA allows us to fully commercialize our cutting-edge, self-service AI Workbench, and we look forward to expanding its capabilities using the new NVIDIA DGX Stations with Volta, said Alex Tepper, Founder and Head of Corporate and Business Development at Avitas Systems.
The way the DGX throws digital signals, as well as the way it handles HDCP and EDID, is very unique and useful, according to Cachia.
Prior to joining DGX, he served as Vice President - South Asia with C.
DGX can be manufactured to accommodate low- and medium-voltage applications, with many standard modes of operation based on the models selected to meet individual applications, including standby, isolated, load curtailment, load management, peaking and power export.
On 21 December 2016 a secured creditor appointed Martin Jones and Andrew Smith of Ferrier Hodgson as receivers and managers of Diploma Group Limited, Diploma Construction (WA) Pty Ltd and DGX Construction Pty Ltd.
The DGX format is geared to meet the needs of the Millennial shopper, which is an emerging and important part of our customer base and will help us broaden our appeal to attract a new segment of urban customers who put a high premium on value and convenience.
and ZTR Control Systems have developed the DGX switchgear.
In November, the retailer unveiled plans to evaluate a smaller-store format via a concept it has dubbed DGX.
5 November 2014 - Quest Diagnostics DGX (NYSE:DGX) has launched lab-developed test services for assessing genetic breast cancer risk based on clinically validated non-BRCA and BRCA genes.
The school employed the DGX Enova platform and DXLink from AMX, creating a system design that meets immediate requirements while providing long-term flexibility and value.