DGFPDirection Générale des Finances Publiques (French: General Directorate of Public Finance)
DGFPDirection Générale de la Fonction Publique (French: General Directorate of Civil Service; Algeria)
DGFPDirection de la Gestion de la Formation des Personnels (French: Personnel Management Training Branch)
DGFPDeutsche Gesellschaft für Pastoralpsychologie e.V. (German: German Society for Pastoral Psychology)
DGFPDirectiei Generale de Finante Publice (French: General Directorate of Public Finance)
DGFPDirectorate General of Family Planning (Bangladesh)
DGFPDepartment of Game, Fish and Parks (South Dakota)
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Finally, the management type of the facility where the woman received uterine evacuation services was categorized as DGHS or as DGFP or RHSTEP.
This was a concern particularly because uterine evacuation clients at DGHS facilities primarily receive postabortion care, while those at DGFP and RHSTEP facilities primarily receive menstrual regulation services.
Eighty-four percent of women attending DGHS-managed facilities selected the pill, compared with 49% of those attending DGFP or RHSTEP facilities.
6), and 68% lower among women attending DGHS facilities than among those attending DGFP or RHSTEP facilities (0.
Previous studies found significant differences in post-abortion contraceptive provision by facility management type in Bangladesh; (10,21) that we observed no differences between DGHS facilities and DGFP and RHSTEP facilities in women's choosing a short-acting method may be due to the intervention these facilities received, which focused on integration of menstrual regulation, postabortion care and postabortion contraceptive services.
For convenience, we use the word "facility" to refer both to stand-alone facilities managed by the DGFP, DGHS or RHSTEP and to the DGFP- and DGHS-managed units within upazila health complexes.
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