DH-CHAPDiffie-Hellman Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (IETF)
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DH-CHAP is the simplest of the authentication protocols.
Securing & Protecting Your Data -- Brocade Multiprotocol Router and Brocade implementation of DH-CHAP and FDMI -- Delivering Standards-based Management Solutions -- Brocade Open Fabric Management Services -- Tested & Supported Networked Storage Blueprints -- Brocade Multiprotocol Router demonstration of FCIP
Brocade will also provide a demonstration of DH-CHAP, which is a security protocol endorsed by the ANSI FC-SP designed to allow heterogeneous devices to authenticate with one another.
RADIUS can be integrated with SAN security to provide essential support for DH-CHAP and other security mechanisms being standardized by the INCITS Technical Committee T11.