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DHADogan Haber Ajansi (Turkish news agency)
DHADocosahexaenoic Acid
DHADepartment of Home Affairs
DHADubai Health Authority (previously known as DOHMS)
DHADefence Housing Authority
DHADefense Health Agency (US DoD)
DHADepartment of Health and Ageing (Australia)
DHADepartment of Humanitarian Affairs (United Nations)
DHADiamond Herpanacine Associates (health products)
DHADoctor of Health Administration
DHADental Health Associates (various locations)
DHADialogues d'Histoire Ancienne (French: Dialogues of Ancient History)
DHADirectory Harvest Attack
DHADallas Housing Authority
DHADihydroartemisinin (antimalarial drug)
DHADivision of Hearings and Appeals (Wisconsin)
DHADavid Higham Associates (UK)
DHACommonwealth Department of Health and Ageing (Australia)
DHADépartement d'Histoire et d'Archéologie (French: Department of History and Archaeology)
DHADianna Hutts Aston (author)
DHADisaster Housing Assistance (FEMA)
DHADetroit Hockey Association (Detroit, MI)
DHADirect Hardware Access
DHADetainee Holding Area
DHADescend, Heartless Angel (Kingdom Hearts game)
DHADoctor of Healthcare Administration
DHADirect Historic Approach (archaeology)
DHADanube Hydro Austria
DHADe-Hydroabietic Acid
DHADirect Humanitarian Aid
DHADesign Hazard Analysis
DHADependent Housing Area
DHADeparture Holding Area
DHADhahran, Saudi Arabia - Dhahran International (Airport Code)
DHADistri Haut Anjou (French firewood business)
DHADisposable Hearing Aid
DHADigital Headed Assembly
DHADepartment of Hearings and Appeals
DHADirections for Handling and Administration (clinical trials)
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Vegans concerned about their low DHA levels can turn to dietary DHA supplements.
"What problem does DHA have with the audit?" the judge asked.
They declared DHA a successful project and a benchmark for Bahawalpur and said that in Bahawalpur and Dubai likes of desert were found; and if Dubai could prosper Bahawalpur would surely reach the heights of success.
The concept of DHA Quetta was conceptualized to address the needs of the Capital of the Largest Province of Pakistan in 2015 after passing of the ACT from the assembly.
"It has also been hypothesized a connection between DHA in the diet and in the nerve cell membrane and the risk of dysfunction of the central nervous system in the form of anxiety, irritability, susceptibility to stress, dyslexia, stereotypic behaviour, aggressiveness, reduced learning capacity, impaired memory and cognitive functions, and extended reaction times."
Dr Scott Doughman, PhD, the Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Source-Omega said, "The summary of 16 clinical studies using algae DHA proves tissue accretion therapy is effective and supports longevity.
Administrator said that DHA was fully aware of the problem of acute water shortage in Defence and was doing its best in its capacity to mitigate the same.
The DHA's IT department has unified about 1.4 million records and more than 112 million transactions have passed through this system during the first phase which took place in April.
The DHA also revealed that 79,053 patients visited DHA emergency Department in the first 6 months of 2017, out of which 21,884 visited the DHA emergency department in Rashid Hospital, 39,014 in Dubai hospital, 16,379 in Latifa Hospital and 1,776 in Hatta Hospital.
Powerful Benefits from EPA and DHA. Lots of research suggests that these two omega-3s play a critical role in healthy living and aging.
Recent research suggests that high blood levels of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), an omega-3 fatty acid, may reduce cerebral amyloidosis, the deposition in the brain of amyloid plaques believed to play a role in the development of Alzheimer's disease (AD).