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DHAADental Hygienists' Association of Australia
DHAADehydro-L-Ascorbic Acid
DHAADihaloacetic Acid
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These interests drive transnational corporations to sell seeds, agrochemicals, raw materials, and equipment, even if these practices are not guided by the DHAA (17).
The organization of care networks for people with special nutritional needs is essential for the strengthening of the SUS and guaranteeing the DHAA, under the pressure of industry and health judicialization.
The set of policies and regulations established after 2003 constituted important advances in the formulation of a legal apparatus to assure the DHAA (the Human Right to Adequate Food) and the strengthening of family farming and peasant agriculture -even if some challenges to fully achieve those rights still persist in Brazil-.
[...] o planejamento, implementacao, monitoramento e avaliacao de Politicas Publicas e Programas que compoe as estrategias de Seguranca Alimentar e Nutricional, e a promocao da realizacao do Direito Humano a Alimentacao Adequada (DHAA); A analise e a proposicao de estrategias de implementacao de acoes de Alimentacao e Nutricao em politicas, programas e servicos como, por exemplo, saude, educacao e assistencia social; Acoes de proposicao, implementacao e validacao de estrategias e instrumentos de promocao da saude e educacao nutricional para diferentes grupos populacionais; alem de informacao, educacao formal e continuada de profissionais de saude (29).
Dehydroabietic acid (DHAA) was the main resin acid detected in the study zone (Table 6).
However, little information is known about feeding DHAA, the immediate precursor of ART, to the plant cultured cells of A.
In 2008, Furuya published research demonstrating that the oxidized form of vitamin C, dehydroascorbic acid (DHAA), has much stronger antiviral activity in vitro than ascorbic acid (AA).1 Furuya et al.
Alem do acido ascorbico outra forma biologicamente ativa da vitamina C e o acido desidroascorbico (DHAA) (Pinnel e colaboradores, 1987).
In the same time period, military intelligence interrogators in the division holding area-annex (DHAA) conducted more than 1,500 interrogations with each detainee receiving an average of 2.8 interrogations.
E, na III Conferencia Nacional de Seguranca Alimentar e Nutricional, realizada em julho de 2007, seu sentido foi ampliado, constituindo objetivo estrategico para o desenvolvimento com abrangencia intersetorial, que se orienta pelos principios do Direito Humano a Alimentacao Adequada e Saudavel (DHAA) e da Soberania Alimentar (3* CNSAN, 2007)