DHASDivision of HIV/AIDS-STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease; Michigan Department of Community Health)
DHASDehydroepiandrosterone Sulfate
DHASDivision of HIV/AIDS Services (Trenton, NJ)
DHASDoctors' Health Advisory Service (New South Wales, Australia)
DHASDantziguian Hrayr Automation Systems (Lebanon)
DHASDutch Historic Aviation Sites
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During Jans three years at DHA, she has implemented changes and strategies to equip the organisation for its next 30 yearscreating a solid platform for ongoing success and prosperity.
Mr Macdonald said Ms Mason leaves a lasting legacy of cultural change at DHA having personally driven a range of policy areas to build and maintain an inclusive organisational culture that values gender equity, diversity, flexible work conditions and positive social change.
On behalf of the Board, staff and stakeholders Id like to thank Jan for her outstanding contribution to DHA, and wish her all the very best for a safe, happy and healthy retirement.
Before joining DHA, Ms Mason was a Deputy Secretary at the Department of Finance and was responsible for a range of major areas, including taxpayers multibillion-dollar investments in government businesses (including DHA); oversight of major government construction projects, technology and procurement; the sale of Medibank Private and reform of the Air Warfare Destroyer Program.
It has been a great honour to serve DHA and its customers over the past three years,
I have particularly appreciated the heart-felt dedication and commitment of my DHA colleagues across the country, who deliver outstanding service to ADF members, their families and our investors with clear passion and purpose.
Sweden, July 29 -- On 17th July 2013, Supreme Court (SC) of Pakistan ordered the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) to deposit Rs.
The court decision appears to have come in hurry as DHA has not been given a chance to present their viewpoint.
So far it is not known as to what was the exact market rate of land when initial deal for purchase of land between DHA and EOBI took place.
Most of their talk shows have given one side of the picture without consulting the DHA. Here I must say that print and electronic media should has maintain that the case is still in the court .
The entire episode revels that propagating against DHA is sinister agenda of some land Mafia of Rawalpindi.
They always tried to oppose the development in DHA due to their personal minister.