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DHATDeregister Hba Attributes
DHATDiamond Heart and Training Institute (Berkeley, CA)
DHATDivision of Health Awareness and Tobacco (Florida)
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In contrast to our study previous studies had noted Dhat Syndrome to be the most frequent form of psychosexual disorder in India.6 Few studies have also observed ED to be the most frequent form of PSD.
Dhat syndrome: Evolution of concept, current understanding, and need of an integrated approach.
Arafat, "Dhat syndrome: culture bound, separate entity, or removed," Journal of Behavioral Health, 2017, http://www .jbehavioralhealth.com/?mno=250756.
The main concern for both tutor and qadi was to provide the princes with a proper education and this required some clarifications in the form of Risalat dhat al-bayan to accompany Ibn Qutayba's Adab al-katib.
The book is well designed and illustrated, engagingly including the cover of an Egyptian book on Dhat al-Himma, which "recalls Xena, the warrior princess from the American television series popular in the Middle East in the 1990s," an instance of Western influence on Arab perception of their popular stories that, in The Arabian Nights, have so formed our imaginations.
Endeavor IP Inc (OTCBB:ENIP), an intellectual property services and patent licensing company, announced on Tuesday the appointment of Rob Dhat as chief executive officer and chairman of the board of directors of the company.
Node Mean SD MC error Median [alpha] 1.234 0.09684 8.94E-04 1.231 [lambda] 0.01595 0.001142 1.06E-05 0.01593 [[rho].sub.1] 0.2073 0.07844 7.26E-04 0.2076 [[rho].sub.2] -4.141 0.07182 6.69E-04 -4.139 Dbar Dhat Zeros 3134.730 3132.720 Total 3134.730 3132.720 Node 95% CI Sample [alpha] (1.053, 1.434) 50000 [lambda] (0.01377, 0.01824) 50000 [[rho].sub.1] (0.05193, 0.3608) 50000 [[rho].sub.2] (-4.285, -4.004) 50000 pD Zeros 2.006 Total 2.006 Dbar: post.mean of -2 log L; Dhat: -2 log L at post.mean of stochastic nodes.
It is also located in the main business district of the capital, close to the Burj Tripoli, the Corinthia Bab Africa hotel and the Dhat al Imad office complex.
While referring to God at one place he used the phrase "the Divine presence" (al-hadhrah al-ilahiyyah), saying, "There is nothing in existence save Divine presence, i.e., His essence (dhat), His attributes (sifat) and His actions (afal)." (9) This definition obviously does not tell us what the characteristics distinctive of divine reality are but only to what the term refers.
Mary Williard, education director of ANTHC's dental health aide therapist program, counters negative assessments of the program that targets underserved populations: "About 20 states are now looking at changing their state dental practice acts to allow for some form of dental therapy or mid-level dental provider." The performance of the Alaska DHAT model is one of the main reasons.
The hadith is the famous al insanu sirri wa anna sirruhu (Man is my secret and I am his secret, see image 2) rendered in Javanese as manusa iku rasa nisun lan isun iku pawin rasane, (8) followed by a second rendering: manusa iku dhat ingsun lan isun iku pawan dhat ing manusa.