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DHATDiamond Heart and Training Institute (Berkeley, CA)
DHATDivision of Health Awareness and Tobacco (Florida)
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9) Regulated by the Indian Health Service, Alaska DHATs have demonstrated safe, effective delivery of care and are well received in their communities.
A major benefit of the DHAT initiative has been the availability of basic dental care for many more of Alaska's rural residents, as well as job opportunities for those living in far-flung villages with few employment opportunities.
Thanks to seed grants from Children International, United Way and the Arkansas Deportment of Health totaling $172,000, as well as support from DHAT partners, the dream of providing more than 2,500 children with comprehensive oral health services will become a reality--one tooth at a time," said Dr.
The purpose of the DHAT is similar to what dental schools use for admissions.
6) By 2004, with the DHAT initiative in its infancy, the American Dental Hygienists' Association (ADHA) had developed core competencies for an advanced dental hygiene practitioner (ADHP) (Table I).
The omission of "Restorations of primary and permanent teeth" from the DHAT Restorative Scope column of the chart on page 16 was Access' error in typesetting.
The ADHP scope would include the full dental hygiene scope, plus a restorative scope similar to the Alaska DHAT.
No legislative/regulatory activity is pending to bring the DHAT to the lower 48 states and Hawaii to practice.
Changes that limit the DHAT scope of practice would rule out extractions and pulpotomies on non-deciduous teeth without consulting with a licensed dentist who declares that the situation is emergent.
DHATs are limited to practicing on state tribal lands pursuant to a written standing order by a supervising dentist.
Sindatu Karim, chief of Pikit Police, identified the victims as Dhats Simon, chairman of Barangay Bulol in Pikit, and his driver/bodyguard Akmad Bantas.
DHATs work using a tele-medicine cart connected via secured internet to the hub clinics and their supervising dentists.