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DHBDistrict Health Board (New Zealand)
DHBDarrius Heyward-Bey (American football player)
DHBDeutscher Handball Bund (German)
DHBDover Harbour Board (UK)
DHBDeutschen Hausfrauen-Bundes (Darmstadt)
DHBDon't Hold Back (band)
DHBDHB Capital Group, Inc. (former stock symbol; now DHBT)
DHBData Handbook
DHBDefensive Halfback (soccer)
DHBDual Half-Bridge (Converter)
DHBDeadhead Brigade (online gaming clan)
DHBDockside Handling Building
DHBDeath Hickey Blues (band)
DHBDragonhawk Brigade (gaming guild)
DHBDombes Handball (French handball club)
DHBDrunk Handsome Bastards (band)
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The effort required to work within the DHB feels so immense that we feel despondent about the longevity of our career choice.
The trial is expected to start in early 2018 in Waitemata DHB and Bay of Plenty DHB.
Conclusion: DHB triggers apoptosis in A549 and NCI-H292 cells via mitochondrial pathway, making it a promising candidate as a therapeutic agent for lung carcinoma.
Providing high quality, safe patient care, where and when it is needed, relies on every member of the team, from cleaners and receptionists right through to the charge nurse managers, being on the ball," says NZNO industrial adviser for the DHB sector, Lesley Harry.
He has regularly criticised the DHB in the media, including posts in an online blog.
The DHB Wi-Fi solution, known as AIRWIRZ Mesh, is designed to provide wireless broadband service to dramatically enhance the transmission of voice, data and video communications.
The negotiations were constructive and the DHB team has agreed to try and come up with a new offer.
Using Cisco's mesh technology as the wireless infrastructure, DHB Networks has built an outdoor network and connected it into DubLink, Dublin's existing fiber network system, which serves as the mesh network backhaul.
Promotional material from the hand hygiene staff at Hutt Valley DHB.
1) However, the DHB believed the travel was reasonable on the basis that such travel would be undertaken in work time and was for a limited duration.
The DHB also trialled new web-based software developed by the SSHW Unit.
Additionally, during the time in which the price of the Company's securities was artificially inflated, and before its collapse, DHB insiders, including defendants Brooks, Schlegel and Hatfield, sold a total of 11,288,789 million shares of DHB common stock, reaping gross proceeds of over $220 million.