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DHBPDirect His-Bundle Pacing
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As shown in Scheme 1, the potassium diphenolate intermediates were first obtained by different excess feed ratios of DHBP to DFBN, and then they were readily converted to cyano-terminated PAEK-CN oligomer, named as PAEK-CN-I, PAEK-CN-II, and PAEK-CN-III with the addition of NPN into the reaction mixture, respectively.
b) From calculated number-average molecular weight from the molar ratio of DFBN to DHBP.
60] nanocomposites without DHBP prepared by melt mixing did not show much difference when we restrained the thermal degradation of PP matrix by adding 0.
60] nanocomposites containing DHBP with angular frequency.
60] nanocomposites containing DHBP showed a decrease of tan at low frequency region, corresponding to an increase of the terminal relaxation time (29).
60] nanocomposites containing DHBP with elongational time at different [epsilon] However, there was no obvious upturn of elongational viscosity for PP and 12C.
The secondary decomposition of the DHBP molecules are neglected.
The average residence time modeled varies very little with DHBP concentration.