DHBTDouble Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor (hardware)
DHBTDHB Capital Group, Inc. (stock symbol; previously DHB)
DHBTDouble-Heterostructure Bipolar Transistor
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The feedback from the engagement programme has been collated, analysed and presented to DHBT to help determine community conclusions on future uses for Rosefield Mills.
Process Dynamic Bandwidth Gain Pdc Range (GHz) (dB) (mW) (dB) Inp-InGaAs 43 50 17 627 DHBT 0.
Soler was forced to provide continuous explanations of the Bank's operations and submit all kind of documentation and weekly information with the balance sheets and the income and loss accounts, AGPR, DHBT, box 3; also, Charles H.
TU1D-6: First Demonstration of Low Power Monolithic Transimpedance Amplifier Using InP/GaAsSb/InP DHBTs
It came up for auction at the start of last year but did not sell and, since then, the DHBT has been working to raise funds and gain support to bring the building back to life.
In this paper a 38 to 44 GHz balanced SHM with miniature Marchand balun using InP DHBT technology is presented.
TU2C-1: Student Paper: A DC-100 GHz Frequency Doubler in InP DHBT Technology
During the launch event, DHBT members told people about their plans to raise PS80,000 to buy the building on the banks of the Nith opposite Dock Park.
WE6C-4: An 8 GHz Continous-time [sigma][delta] Analog-digital Converter in an InP-based DHBT Technology
WE3A-6: W-band InN/InGaAs/InP DHBT MMIC Power Amplifiers
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