DHBTDouble Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor (hardware)
DHBTDHB Capital Group, Inc. (stock symbol; previously DHB)
DHBTDouble-Heterostructure Bipolar Transistor
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"DHBT remains very grateful for the strong support from the community during the campaign to purchase Rosefield Mills and will work tirelessly to bring this much loved building back into use in a way which will benefit the people of Dumfries and beyond."
Process Dynamic Bandwidth Gain Pdc Range (GHz) (dB) (mW) (dB) Inp-InGaAs 43 50 17 627 DHBT 0.13 [micro]m 40 7.5 30 72 SiGe 0.18 [micro]m 35 10 21 * 54 CMOS 90 [micro]m 19 22 28 * 75 CMOS 0.13 [micro]m 36 23 36 57.6 SiGe Process Peak-to-Peak Area Ref.
TU1D-6: First Demonstration of Low Power Monolithic Transimpedance Amplifier Using InP/GaAsSb/InP DHBTs
In this paper a 38 to 44 GHz balanced SHM with miniature Marchand balun using InP DHBT technology is presented.
TU2C-1: Student Paper: A DC-100 GHz Frequency Doubler in InP DHBT Technology
Scotland's leading place charity, PAS, was commissioned by DHBT, to deliver the event series and develop a report outlining the community's recommendations for the future direction of Rosefield Mills.
WE6C-4: An 8 GHz Continous-time [sigma][delta] Analog-digital Converter in an InP-based DHBT Technology
DHBT want to save the building so that it can become a vital part of the regeneration of Dumfries.
Additional papers discuss emerging technologies, Including AlGaN/GaN HFETs for high power and transferred substrate InP DHBT for very high frequency.
Members of the Dumfries Historic Buildings Trust (DHBT) were stunned when a cheque for PS5,000 towards the mills' purchase fund dropped through the letterbox.
Kauffmann, "Improved InGaAs/InP DHBT Technology for 40 Gbit/s Optical Communication Circuits," IEEE GaAs IC Symposium, 2000, pp.