DHCDDepartment of Housing & Community Development
DHCDDivision of Housing & Community Development (various locations)
DHCDDieter Harter Computer Dienstleistung (German: Dieter Harter Computer Services)
DHCDDeck Hatch Closed and Dogged
DHCDDivision of Human Capital Development (Illinois)
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DHCD makes state and federal funds and technical assistance available to strengthen communities and help them plan new developments, encourage economic development, revitalize older areas, improve local government management, build and manage public housing, stimulate affordable housing through the private sector and respond to the needs of low-income people.
In an email Tuesday, Emily Fitzmaurice, a DHCD spokeswoman, said state education officials usually notify school superintendents when homeless children are moved into their district.
However, the DHCD, which authorizes developers to initiate a 40B development, does not recognize such concerns when a developer comes to town because it doesn't have to.
The DHCD and the city of Worcester are providing additional financing, and the project also qualifies for federal and state tax credits.
The Affordable Access Working Group consisting of public and private stakeholders, was convened by DOER and the Department of Housing and Community Development ( DHCD ) to provide recommendations to make clean energy and energy efficiency more accessible to low- and moderate-income residents.
CMHA is one of the community partners of the DHCD that has staff to work closely with families in shelters and motels to find permanent affordable housing and income support.
IT - Invitation to Bid (ITB):Armed Security Guard Service at DHCD Headquarters, Lanham, MD
But it was later discovered through internal reviews on the city's part that public funds were paid to the developer without sufficient verification to meet federal HUD and state DHCD standards to determine eligibility.
He said a working group of city and state DHCD officials and HUD-provided technical assistance consultants is also trying to identify alternative funding options.
In 1985, DHCD adopted the Virginia Main Street program to help downtown districts across the Commonwealth avoid economic decline and possible demolition.
He said DHCD will focus on the oversight of local housing authorities.
The DHCD estimates it costs $3,000 month to house a family in a motel.