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DHCPDynamic Host Configuration Protocol (protocol for automating the configuration of computers that use TCP/IP)
DHCPDecentralized Hospital Computer Program
DHCPDouble Hexagonal Close-Packed (crystals)
DHCPDear Healthcare Provider Letter (healthcare industry)
DHCPDental Healthcare Personnel
DHCPDraco Holding Company (stock symbol)
DHCPDefense Health Care Program (US DoD)
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In the architecture of DHCP, the DHCP server is responsible for maintaining the IP address pool and other network parameters, such as subnet mask and default DNS.
The ability to configure DHCP servers to identify such devices by client class and to assign corresponding standard and vendor-specific DHCP option values simplifies device provisioning, while providing cohesive cross-server configuration and control.
IT administrators can manage DNS, DHCP and IPAM from a single centralized console through an intuitive GUI that offers a graphical and hierarchical representation of the IP map.
Meta IP features resilient and scalable DNS and DHCP services that run on Windows, Solaris, Linux, and the MetaInfo Appliance.
Our customers depend on our solutions to deliver business-critical DNS and DHCP core networks services," said Branko Miskov, Director of Product Management, BlueCat Networks.
Manual DHCP administration time can be reduced from four to 15 minutes to half a minute to five minutes per change.
Ringdale's Proxy Router isolates the local connection from the backbone connection allowing many devices with DHCP Servers to be attached to one backbone, thus extending the number of IP users on a single class-C network.
Recent enhancements to the solution include deeper control of IP address ranges, also known as scopes, where administrators now have seamless management capabilities for single or split DHCP scopes.
TORONTO -- BlueCat Networks, the IPAM Intelligence[TM] company, today announced the general availability of Proteus for Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) DNS and DHCP, an advanced IP Address Management (IPAM) solution for Microsoft([R]) Windows([R]) environments that simplifies network management and reduces IT costs.
The Pinger is targeted at the IT network-maintenance market and establishes a convenient method of PING and DHCP testing.
The practice of IPAM includes the application of network management disciplines to IP address space and associated network services, namely DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) and DNS (Domain Name System).
Safaricom has selected 16e AAA server and DHCP server of Alepo, as part of its nationwide WiMAX network.