DHDPDemiryolu Hatti Destek Projesi (Turkish volunteer project)
DHDPDowntown Hampton Development Partnership (est. 1996; Hampton, VA)
DHDPDisturbed Highest Derivative Polynomial
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Through the support provided by UBC Health, the DHDP has operationalized IPE through 2 primary mechanisms: 1) the IPE Passport program and 2) Integrated common curriculum within the Faculty of Dentistry and across health programs at UBC (Figure 4).
(15) In UBC's DHDP, students participate in at least one IPE Passport activity above and beyond the prescribed curriculum in each of their second, third, and fourth years of study to earn a predetermined number of passport points to meet program requirements for graduation.
By putting into use the direct heuristic dynamic programming (DHDP), Gao and Liu [43] have tried to find a solution to the problem of optimal tracking control.