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DHECDongfeng Honda Engine Co., Ltd. (Honda Motor Co., Ltd.)
DHECDelta Health Education Center (est. 1990; Arkansas)
DHECDeep Heat Energy Corporation
DHECDepartment of Health Education Council (South Carolina)
DHECDepartment of Health and Environmental Control
DHECDelaware Higher Education Commission (Delaware State Department of Education)
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The DHEC reviewed concerns related to water supply, environmental impact, traffic flow, blasting effects, air quality and operating hours before approving the mine permit application.
He is a CEPSCI - DHEC Certified Erosion Control Inspector.
DHEC brought a formal action against Laidlaw alleging noncompliance with the NPDES permit.
Uranium doesn't give off much radiation, and it's not known as a carcinogen, but it's a heavy metal, and so it can have an effect on the kidneys," says Daphne Neel, who is assistant bureau chief of the DHEC Bureau of Environmental Services.
The act, signed into law in 1995, authorized DHEC to write regulations for first-trimester abortion facilities.
About DHEC Ocean and Coastal Resource Management DHEC Ocean and Coastal Resource Management strive to protect and enhance the state's coastal resources by preserving sensitive and fragile areas while promoting responsible development, public access and use of resources in the eight coastal counties of South Carolina.
In March, the DHEC held a community meeting for residents and 140 people packed Lee Central High School's auditorium.
In regards to the TB Outbreak in Greenwood County, the Senate Medical Affairs committee recently held a hearing on the events of the DHEC TB investigation in Ninety Six, SC Current DHEC administrators as well as counsel representing the staff that was fired and a parent whose child is being given preventive therapy were interviewed.
Fran Marshall, SC DHEC State Toxicologist, offered an overview o f the SC Environmental Public Health Tracking program at DHEC, and Dr.
The SC Public Health Tracking Program at DHEC provides a wealth of information concerning environmental and public health issues including Regional Air Monitoring, Drinking Water Quality Data, Childhood Lead Data, Hospitalization data for Asthma, Heart Attack and Cancer data, and much more.
Lauri SoJourner, executive director, Gravatt Camp and Conference Center said DHEC has received an application for an agricultural license to build a new poultry farm and dispose of the manure on Dairy Road in Aiken County.